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Academic Article Phenotype of CD4+ T cell subsets that develop following mouse facial nerve axotomy.
Academic Article The presence of IL-17A and T helper 17 cells in experimental mouse brain tumors and human glioma.
Academic Article Recent developments on immunotherapy for brain cancer.
Academic Article IDO expression in brain tumors increases the recruitment of regulatory T cells and negatively impacts survival.
Academic Article CD4+ T cell-mediated neuroprotection is independent of T cell-derived BDNF in a mouse facial nerve axotomy model.
Academic Article IL-10 within the CNS is necessary for CD4+ T cells to mediate neuroprotection.
Academic Article Thymus-derived rather than tumor-induced regulatory T cells predominate in brain tumors.
Academic Article Short hairpin RNA-mediated fibronectin knockdown delays tumor growth in a mouse glioma model.
Academic Article The expression of BST2 in human and experimental mouse brain tumors.
Academic Article Targeting Tregs in Malignant Brain Cancer: Overcoming IDO.
Academic Article Blood-brain barrier permeable gold nanoparticles: an efficient delivery platform for enhanced malignant glioma therapy and imaging.
Academic Article Heme oxygenase-1 protects regulatory T cells from hypoxia-induced cellular stress in an experimental mouse brain tumor model.
Academic Article Nanoparticle-programmed self-destructive neural stem cells for glioblastoma targeting and therapy.
Academic Article Depletion of myeloid-derived suppressor cells during interleukin-12 immunogene therapy does not confer a survival advantage in experimental malignant glioma.
Academic Article Fibrin-binding, peptide amphiphile micelles for targeting glioblastoma.
Academic Article Durable therapeutic efficacy utilizing combinatorial blockade against IDO, CTLA-4, and PD-L1 in mice with brain tumors.
Academic Article Dendritic Cell-Based Vaccines that Utilize Myeloid Rather than Plasmacytoid Cells Offer a Superior Survival Advantage in Malignant Glioma.
Academic Article The role of IDO in brain tumor immunotherapy.
Academic Article Advanced age negatively impacts survival in an experimental brain tumor model.
Academic Article CCL2 Produced by the Glioma Microenvironment Is Essential for the Recruitment of Regulatory T Cells and Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells.
Academic Article Developmental therapeutics for patients with breast cancer and central nervous system metastasis: current landscape and future perspectives.
Academic Article Non-tumor cell IDO1 predominantly contributes to enzyme activity and response to CTLA-4/PD-L1 inhibition in mouse glioblastoma.
Academic Article Therapeutic Hypothesis Testing With Rodent Brain Tumor Models.
Academic Article A Dendritic Cell-Targeted Adenoviral Vector Facilitates Adaptive Immune Response Against Human Glioma Antigen (CMV-IE) and Prolongs Survival in a Human Glioma Tumor Model.
Academic Article Imaging tryptophan uptake with positron emission tomography in glioblastoma patients treated with indoximod.
Academic Article Management of glioblastoma in elderly patients.
Academic Article Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma: A Review on Clinical Management.
Academic Article The interplay among psychological distress, the immune system, and brain tumor patient outcomes.
Academic Article A retrospective survival analysis of Glioblastoma patients treated with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
Academic Article Advanced Age Increases Immunosuppression in the Brain and Decreases Immunotherapeutic Efficacy in Subjects with Glioblastoma.
Academic Article Immunosuppressive IDO in Cancer: Mechanisms of Action, Animal Models, and Targeting Strategies.
Academic Article Unique challenges for glioblastoma immunotherapy-discussions across neuro-oncology and non-neuro-oncology experts in cancer immunology. Meeting Report from the 2019 SNO Immuno-Oncology Think Tank.
Academic Article Tryptophan metabolism in brain tumors - IDO and beyond.
Academic Article Targeting glioblastoma signaling and metabolism with a re-purposed brain-penetrant drug.
Academic Article Mid-life epigenetic age, neuroimaging brain age, and cognitive function: coronary artery risk development in young adults (CARDIA) study.
Academic Article Circadian Regulator CLOCK Drives Immunosuppression in Glioblastoma.
Academic Article A systematic review of pharmacologic treatment efficacy for depression in older patients with cancer.
Academic Article Identification and Characterization of a Novel Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase 1 Protein Degrader for Glioblastoma.
Grant The interaction of IDO and Tregs Leads to Immunosuppression in Glioma
Grant The interaction of IDO and Tregs Leads to Immunosuppression in Glioma
Grant Aging, immunosenescence and glioblastoma
Grant IDO1 and Immunotolerance in Glioblastoma
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