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Concept Multifactorial Inheritance
Academic Article Poly-omic prediction of complex traits: OmicKriging.
Academic Article Survey of the Heritability and Sparse Architecture of Gene Expression Traits across Human Tissues.
Academic Article Genetic architecture of gene expression traits across diverse populations.
Academic Article Functionally oriented analysis of cardiometabolic traits in a trans-ethnic sample.
Academic Article Imputed gene associations identify replicable trans-acting genes enriched in transcription pathways and complex traits.
Academic Article CORE GREML for estimating covariance between random effects in linear mixed models for complex trait analyses.
Academic Article Transcriptomic signatures across human tissues identify functional rare genetic variation.
Academic Article Probabilistic colocalization of genetic variants from complex and molecular traits: promise and limitations.
Academic Article Exploiting the GTEx resources to decipher the mechanisms at GWAS loci.
Academic Article Population-scale tissue transcriptomics maps long non-coding RNAs to complex disease.
Academic Article Polygenic transcriptome risk scores (PTRS) can improve portability of polygenic risk scores across ancestries.
Academic Article Probabilistic integration of transcriptome-wide association studies and colocalization analysis identifies key molecular pathways of complex traits.
Academic Article Revealing polygenic pleiotropy using genetic risk scores for asthma.
Academic Article Transcriptome-wide association study of the plasma proteome reveals cis and trans regulatory mechanisms underlying complex traits.
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