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Academic Article Population differences in microRNA expression and biological implications.
Academic Article On sharing quantitative trait GWAS results in an era of multiple-omics data and the limits of genomic privacy.
Academic Article Genetic architecture of microRNA expression: implications for the transcriptome and complex traits.
Academic Article Integrative analyses of genetic variation, epigenetic regulation, and the transcriptome to elucidate the biology of platinum sensitivity.
Academic Article Protein quantitative trait loci identify novel candidates modulating cellular response to chemotherapy.
Academic Article A gene-based association method for mapping traits using reference transcriptome data.
Academic Article Imputing Gene Expression in Uncollected Tissues Within and Beyond GTEx.
Academic Article Genetic architecture of gene expression traits across diverse populations.
Academic Article A Transcriptome-Wide Association Study Among 97,898 Women to Identify Candidate Susceptibility Genes for Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Risk.
Academic Article Functionally oriented analysis of cardiometabolic traits in a trans-ethnic sample.
Academic Article Integrating predicted transcriptome from multiple tissues improves association detection.
Academic Article Opportunities and challenges for transcriptome-wide association studies.
Academic Article Gene expression imputation across multiple brain regions provides insights into schizophrenia risk.
Academic Article Imputed gene associations identify replicable trans-acting genes enriched in transcription pathways and complex traits.
Academic Article Shared and distinct genetic risk factors for childhood-onset and adult-onset asthma: genome-wide and transcriptome-wide studies.
Academic Article Genetic regulatory variation in populations informs transcriptome analysis in rare disease.
Academic Article CORE GREML for estimating covariance between random effects in linear mixed models for complex trait analyses.
Academic Article PhenomeXcan: Mapping the genome to the phenome through the transcriptome.
Academic Article Cell type-specific genetic regulation of gene expression across human tissues.
Academic Article Transcriptomic signatures across human tissues identify functional rare genetic variation.
Academic Article Exploiting the GTEx resources to decipher the mechanisms at GWAS loci.
Academic Article Population-scale tissue transcriptomics maps long non-coding RNAs to complex disease.
Academic Article Transcriptome prediction performance across machine learning models and diverse ancestries.
Academic Article Pleiotropy-guided transcriptome imputation from normal and tumor tissues identifies candidate susceptibility genes for breast and ovarian cancer.
Academic Article Polygenic transcriptome risk scores (PTRS) can improve portability of polygenic risk scores across ancestries.
Academic Article Polygenic transcriptome risk scores for COPD and lung function improve cross-ethnic portability of prediction in the NHLBI TOPMed program.
Academic Article Probabilistic integration of transcriptome-wide association studies and colocalization analysis identifies key molecular pathways of complex traits.
Academic Article Multivariate adaptive shrinkage improves cross-population transcriptome prediction for transcriptome-wide association studies in underrepresented populations.
Academic Article A joint transcriptome-wide association study across multiple tissues identifies candidate breast cancer susceptibility genes.
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