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Concept Peptide Fragments
Academic Article Surfaces that sequester serum-borne heparin amplify growth factor activity.
Academic Article Thermal stability of self-assembled peptide vaccine materials.
Academic Article Tuning carbohydrate density enhances protein binding and inhibition by glycosylated ß-sheet peptide nanofibers.
Academic Article Molecular complementarity and structural heterogeneity within co-assembled peptide ß-sheet nanofibers.
Academic Article Anatomy of a selectively coassembled ß-sheet peptide nanofiber.
Academic Article Microgels with tunable affinity-controlled protein release via desolvation of self-assembled peptide nanofibers.
Academic Article Injectable nanofibrillar hydrogels based on charge-complementary peptide co-assemblies.
Academic Article Glycosylation of a Nonfibrillizing Appendage Alters the Self-Assembly Pathway of a Synthetic ß-Sheet Fibrillizing Peptide.
Academic Article Engineering ß-Sheet Peptide Coassemblies for Biomaterial Applications.
Academic Article Charge guides pathway selection in ß-sheet fibrillizing peptide co-assembly.
Grant Molecular assemblies as immunomodulators
Grant Modular Nanomedicines Based on Heterogeneous Fusion Protein Co-Assembly
Grant Supramolecular hydrogels for localized delivery of immunomodulatory enzymes
Grant Glycosylation as a Structural Determinant in Peptide Fibrillization
Academic Article Side-Chain Chemistry Governs Hierarchical Order of Charge-Complementary ß-sheet Peptide Coassemblies.
Academic Article Programming co-assembled peptide nanofiber morphology via anionic amino acid type: Insights from molecular dynamics simulations.
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