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Concept Ethics, Medical
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Concept Ethics
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Concept Ethics Consultation
Concept Ethics Committees, Research
Concept Ethics, Clinical
Academic Article Ethical guidelines in surgical patient care.
Academic Article Medical ethics curriculum for surgical residents: results of a pilot project.
Academic Article Ethical considerations and barriers to research in surgical palliative care.
Academic Article Ethical issues in surgical treatment and research.
Academic Article Compliance with HIPAA regulations: ethics and excesses.
Academic Article Changing the diagnosis with retrospective review: a consideration of ethical issues.
Academic Article Is there a role for living donor intestine transplants?
Academic Article The transplant surgeon and transplant tourists: ethical and surgical issues.
Academic Article Elective surgical patients as living organ donors: a clinical and ethical innovation.
Academic Article The ethics of accumulating neurosurgical evidence in the clinical setting.
Academic Article Ethical and medicolegal issues in neuromonitoring during thyroid and parathyroid surgery: a review of the recent literature.
Academic Article Ethics education in surgical residency: past, present, and future.
Academic Article Does compassion for a family justify providing futile CPR?
Academic Article The ethical challenges of surgical innovation for patient care.
Academic Article Responding to patient requests to withdraw life support: surgical ethics and responsibility.
Academic Article Living donation and cosmetic surgery: a double standard in medical ethics?
Academic Article Ethical issues in research to improve the management of malignant bowel obstruction: challenges and recommendations.
Academic Article Orlo Clark and the rise of surgical ethics.
Academic Article Ethical management of conflict of interest: proposed standards for academic surgical societies.
Academic Article Annotated bibliography of ethics in surgery.
Academic Article Physicians and cancer patients: communication and advance directives.
Academic Article Sham surgery in clinical trials.
Academic Article Retraction. Ethical issues in surgical treatment and research.
Academic Article Complications, errors, and surgical ethics.
Academic Article Palliative philosophy: the ethical underpinning.
Academic Article Ethics in surgery.
Academic Article Surgical ethics and the challenge of surgical innovation.
Academic Article Ethics and genomic medicine, how to navigate decisions in surgical oncology.
Academic Article Clinical and professional ethics guidelines for the practice of thyroidology.
Academic Article The "call for help": intraoperative consultation and the surgeon-patient relationship.
Academic Article Ethical responsibilities of caring for patients with incidental thyroid nodules.
Academic Article Ethical issues of participant recruitment in surgical clinical trials.
Academic Article Ethics and surgical innovation: challenges to the professionalism of surgeons.
Academic Article Surgical Ethics Symposium: Ethical dilemmas in surgical practice.
Academic Article History and evolution of surgical ethics: John Gregory to the twenty-first century.
Academic Article Ethical issues in surgical innovation.
Academic Article The Ethics of Disclosure and Counseling of Patients With Thyroid Cancer.
Academic Article The Ethics of Introducing New Surgical Technology Into Clinical Practice: The Importance of the Patient-Surgeon Relationship.
Academic Article Ethical Issues in Surgical Critical Care: The Complexity of Interpersonal Relationships in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit.
Academic Article Commentary on "A Proposed Road Map for the Ethical Evaluation of Sham (Placebo) Surgery".
Academic Article How Should Colleagues Respond to Diminishing Capacities of an Aging Surgeon?
Academic Article Ethical issues in non-intervention trials for thyroid cancer.
Academic Article How Should Trauma Patients' Informed Consent or Refusal Be Regarded in a Trauma Bay or Other Emergency Settings?
Academic Article Research ethics dilemmas in thyroid disease.
Academic Article Surgical ethics and the future of surgical practice.
Academic Article Surgeons, Ethics, and COVID-19: Early Lessons Learned.
Academic Article COVID-19, Ethics and Equity-What Is Our Role as Surgeons?
Academic Article How Should Shared Decision Making Be Taught?
Academic Article Fair and equitable subject selection in concurrent COVID-19 clinical trials.
Academic Article Double-edged sword of surgical innovation: ethical issues of early and late adoption of novel techniques.
Academic Article "Clinical" Surgical Ethics.
Academic Article Invited Commentary: The Challenge of DNR Orders in the Operating Room.
Academic Article Diversity and ethics in trauma and acute care surgery teams: results from an international survey.
Academic Article Ethical issues surrounding mechanical circulatory support.
Academic Article The Value of Ethics Education in Surgical Training.
Academic Article Introduction: The Journal of Clinical Ethics, the MacLean Center, and the Future of Clinical Ethics.
Academic Article Commentary on "The Characteristics and Ethics of Sham Surgeries": A Systemic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials.
Academic Article Invited Commentary: Surgeon Perspectives on Ethical Dilemmas: The Importance of a National Surgical Ethics Curriculum.
Academic Article Surgical Ethics Training: Educational and Professional Opportunities.
Academic Article When Guideline-Concordant Standardized Care Results in Healthcare Disparities.
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