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Concept Physician-Patient Relations
Academic Article Advance directive use among patients undergoing selected high-risk surgical procedures.
Academic Article Ethical issues in surgical treatment and research.
Academic Article What do you tell the family who asks, 'What went wrong?' The truth and nothing but the truth.
Academic Article Physicians and cancer patients: communication and advance directives.
Academic Article Communicating errors.
Academic Article Living donation and cosmetic surgery: a double standard in medical ethics?
Academic Article Orlo Clark and the rise of surgical ethics.
Academic Article Physicians and cancer patients: communication and advance directives.
Academic Article The "call for help": intraoperative consultation and the surgeon-patient relationship.
Academic Article An organized approach to complex ethical cases on a surgical service.
Academic Article Surgical Ethics Symposium: Ethical dilemmas in surgical practice.
Academic Article History and evolution of surgical ethics: John Gregory to the twenty-first century.
Academic Article Incidental thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer: considerations before determining management.
Academic Article The Ethics of Disclosure and Counseling of Patients With Thyroid Cancer.
Academic Article Surgical Professionalism: The Inspiring Surgeon of the Modern Era.
Academic Article The Ethics of Introducing New Surgical Technology Into Clinical Practice: The Importance of the Patient-Surgeon Relationship.
Academic Article Ethical Issues in Surgical Critical Care: The Complexity of Interpersonal Relationships in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit.
Academic Article Quality of life in thyroid cancer-assessment of physician perceptions.
Academic Article Surgical ethics and the future of surgical practice.
Academic Article Responsibilities and Expectations: Considerations of Disclosure of Overlapping Operations.
Academic Article How Should Shared Decision Making Be Taught?
Academic Article Ethical and Legal Considerations of Patients Audio Recording, Videotaping, and Broadcasting Physician Encounters.

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