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Concept Myocardium
Academic Article Leucine 18, a hydrophobic residue essential for high affinity binding of anthopleurin B to the voltage-sensitive sodium channel.
Academic Article Mechanism of cAMP-dependent modulation of cardiac sodium channel current kinetics.
Academic Article Structure and function of voltage-dependent sodium channels: comparison of brain II and cardiac isoforms.
Academic Article A specific interaction between the cardiac sodium channel and site-3 toxin anthopleurin B.
Academic Article Cardiac sodium channels expressed in a peripheral neurotumor-derived cell line, RT4-B8.
Academic Article Differences in the binding sites of two site-3 sodium channel toxins.
Academic Article The Na channel voltage sensor associated with inactivation is localized to the external charged residues of domain IV, S4.
Academic Article Gating of skeletal and cardiac muscle sodium channels in mammalian cells.
Academic Article Heartthrobs.
Academic Article Lidocaine alters activation gating of cardiac Na channels.
Academic Article Is there a second external lidocaine binding site on mammalian cardiac cells?
Academic Article Fluid-phase endocytosis by in situ cardiac myocytes of rat atria.
Academic Article Dose-dependent modulation of the cardiac sodium channel by sea anemone toxin ATXII.
Academic Article Kinetic effects of quaternary lidocaine block of cardiac sodium channels: a gating current study.
Academic Article Endocytosis and uptake of lucifer yellow by cultured atrial myocytes and isolated intact atria from adult rats. Regulation and subcellular localization.
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