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Concept Catheterization
Concept Catheterization, Peripheral
Concept Cardiac Catheterization
Academic Article Radial versus femoral access for percutaneous coronary intervention: implications for vascular complications and bleeding.
Academic Article Interchangeability of activated clotting time values across different point-of-care systems.
Academic Article Percutaneous transcatheter aortic valve closure successfully treats left ventricular assist device-associated aortic insufficiency and improves cardiac hemodynamics.
Academic Article A three-dimensional echocardiographic study on aortic-mitral coupling in transcatheter aortic valve replacement.
Academic Article Predictors of survival following trans-catheter aortic valve closure for left ventricular assist device associated aortic insufficiency.
Academic Article Left Ventricular Assist Device Deactivation via Percutaneous Closure of the Outflow Graft.
Academic Article Upper extremity vascular complications following transradial approach for cardiac catheterization and intervention: a focused review of diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic considerations.
Academic Article Catheter-Directed Fibrinolysis of Submassive Pulmonary Embolism After IVC Filter Migration to Renal Veins.
Academic Article Mechanical chest compressions improve rate of return of spontaneous circulation and allow for initiation of percutaneous circulatory support during cardiac arrest in the cardiac catheterization laboratory.
Academic Article Clinical determinants of radial artery caliber assessed at the time of transradial cardiac catheterization using routine prospective radiobrachial angiography.
Academic Article Percutaneous Transapical Left Ventricular Access to Treat Paravalvular Leak and Ventricular Septal Defect.
Academic Article Use of Prospective Radiobrachial Angiography in Transradial Cardiac Catheterization and Intervention.
Academic Article Safe and rapid radial hemostasis achieved using a novel topical hemostatic patch: Results of a first-in-human pilot study using hydrophobically modified polysaccharide-chitosan.
Academic Article Neurologic complications of implantable devices.
Academic Article Contemporary use of anticoagulation in the cardiac catheterization laboratory: a review.
Academic Article Transradial versus transfemoral approach for percutaneous coronary intervention in patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction complicated by cardiogenic shock: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
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