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Academic Article Characterising physician listening behaviour during hospitalist handoffs using the HEAR checklist.
Academic Article Participation and experience of third-year medical students in handoffs: time to sign out?
Academic Article Validation of a handoff assessment tool: the Handoff CEX.
Academic Article Searching for the missing pieces between the hospital and primary care: mapping the patient process during care transitions.
Academic Article Development of a handoff evaluation tool for shift-to-shift physician handoffs: the Handoff CEX.
Academic Article A longitudinal approach to handoff training.
Academic Article Using standardized videos to validate a measure of handoff quality: the handoff mini-clinical examination exercise.
Academic Article Piloting a Structured Practice Audit to Assess ACGME Milestones in Written Handoff Communication in Internal Medicine.
Academic Article The Modified, Multi-patient Observed Simulated Handoff Experience (M-OSHE): Assessment and Feedback for Entering Residents on Handoff Performance.
Academic Article Adverse Events and Near-Misses Relating to Intensive Care Unit-Ward Transfer: A Qualitative Analysis of Resident Perceptions.
Academic Article A qualitative analysis of patients' experience with hospitalist service handovers.
Academic Article A Standardized Handoff Simulation Promotes Recovery From Auditory Distractions in Resident Physicians.
Academic Article Characterising ICU-ward handoffs at three academic medical centres: process and perceptions.
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