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Concept Anxiety
Concept Anxiety Disorders
Concept Anti-Anxiety Agents
Academic Article Using computerized adaptive testing to reduce the burden of mental health assessment.
Academic Article Testing standard and modular designs for psychotherapy treating depression, anxiety, and conduct problems in youth: a randomized effectiveness trial.
Academic Article Using latent variable modeling and multiple imputation to calibrate rater bias in diagnosis assessment.
Academic Article Long-term outcomes for the Child STEPs randomized effectiveness trial: a comparison of modular and standard treatment designs with usual care.
Academic Article Development of the CAT-ANX: a computerized adaptive test for anxiety.
Academic Article Validation of Computerized Adaptive Testing in an Outpatient Nonacademic Setting: The VOCATIONS Trial.
Academic Article Oppositional defiant disorder with onset in preschool years: longitudinal stability and pathways to other disorders.
Academic Article The experience of depression, anxiety, and mania among perinatal women.
Academic Article Development of a Computerized Adaptive Test Suicide Scale-The CAT-SS.
Academic Article Successful validation of the CAT-MH Scales in a sample of Latin American migrants in the United States and Spain.
Academic Article Without Wasting a Word: Extreme Improvements in Efficiency and Accuracy Using Computerized Adaptive Testing for Mental Health Disorders (CAT-MH).
Academic Article Improving the Evaluation of Adult Mental Disorders in the Criminal Justice System With Computerized Adaptive Testing.
Grant Computerized Adaptive Testing - Depression Inventory
Academic Article Computerized Adaptive Tests for Rapid and Accurate Assessment of Psychopathology Dimensions in Youth.
Academic Article Depression and anxiety symptoms across pregnancy and the postpartum in low-income Black and Latina women.
Academic Article Assessment of Comorbid Depression and Anxiety in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Using Adaptive Testing Technology.
Academic Article Preoperative Assessment of Anxiety and Depression Using Computerized Adaptive Screening Tools: A Pilot Prospective Cohort Study.
Academic Article A randomized controlled trial on using predictive algorithm to adapt level of psychological care for community college students: STAND triaging and adapting to level of care study protocol.
Academic Article Risk of suicide attempts and intentional self-harm on alprazolam.
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