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Concept Ethics, Medical
Concept Ethics, Research
Concept Ethics Committees, Research
Concept Ethics, Clinical
Academic Article Hope and the limits of research.
Academic Article Study of cohort-specific consent and patient control in phase I cancer trials.
Academic Article Impact of therapeutic research on informed consent and the ethics of clinical trials: a medical oncology perspective.
Academic Article Ethical issues in the development of new agents.
Academic Article Quantitative analysis of ethical issues in phase I trials: a survey interview of 144 advanced cancer patients.
Academic Article Informed consent, the cancer patient, and phase I clinical trials.
Academic Article Referral and decision making among advanced cancer patients participating in Phase I trials at a single institution.
Academic Article Examining ethical dilemmas as obstacles to hospice and palliative care for advanced cancer patients.
Academic Article Overcoming obstacles to hospice care: an ethical examination of inertia and inaction.
Academic Article Ethical, scientific, and regulatory perspectives regarding the use of placebos in cancer clinical trials.
Academic Article Ethical issues in phase I clinical trials.
Academic Article An intervention to improve cancer patients' understanding of early-phase clinical trials.
Academic Article Are we taking without giving in return? The ethics of research-related biopsies and the benefits of clinical trial participation.
Academic Article Human subjects protection: an event monitoring committee for research studies of girls from breast cancer families.
Grant Ethics and Clinical Trials in Advanced Cancer Care
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