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Concept Auditory Perception
Concept Motion Perception
Concept Visual Perception
Concept Time Perception
Concept Touch Perception
Concept Perception
Concept Space Perception
Concept Form Perception
Academic Article A continuum mechanical model of mechanoreceptive afferent responses to indented spatial patterns.
Academic Article The tactile perception of stimulus orientation.
Academic Article The tactile integration of local motion cues is analogous to its visual counterpart.
Academic Article The representation of stimulus orientation in the early stages of somatosensory processing.
Academic Article Temporal frequency channels are linked across audition and touch.
Academic Article Shape invariant coding of motion direction in somatosensory cortex.
Academic Article Millisecond precision spike timing shapes tactile perception.
Academic Article Neural mechanisms of tactile motion integration in somatosensory cortex.
Academic Article Textural timbre: The perception of surface microtexture depends in part on multimodal spectral cues.
Academic Article Multiplexing stimulus information through rate and temporal codes in primate somatosensory cortex.
Academic Article Restoring tactile and proprioceptive sensation through a brain interface.
Academic Article Natural scenes in tactile texture.
Academic Article Influence of visual motion on tactile motion perception.
Academic Article Temporal factors in tactile spatial acuity: evidence for RA interference in fine spatial processing.
Academic Article The neural basis of tactile motion perception.
Academic Article Spatial and temporal codes mediate the tactile perception of natural textures.
Academic Article The coding of roughness.
Academic Article Texture perception through direct and indirect touch: an analysis of perceptual space for tactile textures in two modes of exploration.
Academic Article A dense array stimulator to generate arbitrary spatio-temporal tactile stimuli.
Academic Article Vibrotaction and texture perception.
Academic Article Steven Hsiao: in memoriam.
Academic Article A multi-digit tactile motion stimulator.
Academic Article Perceptual spaces: mathematical structures to neural mechanisms.
Academic Article Biological and bionic hands: natural neural coding and artificial perception.
Academic Article Seeing and Feeling Motion: Canonical Computations in Vision and Touch.
Academic Article Vision is superior to touch in shape perception even with equivalent peripheral input.
Academic Article Feeling form: the neural basis of haptic shape perception.
Academic Article Rate and timing of cortical responses driven by separate sensory channels.
Academic Article The neural basis of perceived intensity in natural and artificial touch.
Academic Article Robo-Psychophysics: Extracting Behaviorally Relevant Features from the Output of Sensors on a Prosthetic Finger.
Academic Article The neural code for tactile roughness in the somatosensory nerves.
Academic Article Neural Basis of Touch and Proprioception in Primate Cortex.
Academic Article The Effect of Contact Force on the Responses of Tactile Nerve Fibers to Scanned Textures.
Academic Article Speed invariance of tactile texture perception.
Academic Article Neural Coding of Contact Events in Somatosensory Cortex.
Academic Article High-dimensional representation of texture in somatosensory cortex of primates.
Academic Article Rapid geometric feature signaling in the simulated spiking activity of a complete population of tactile nerve fibers.
Academic Article Feeling fooled: Texture contaminates the neural code for tactile speed.
Academic Article Emergence of an Invariant Representation of Texture in Primate Somatosensory Cortex.
Academic Article The frequency of cortical microstimulation shapes artificial touch.
Academic Article Effect of scanning speed on texture-elicited vibrations.
Academic Article A comprehensive model-based framework for optimal design of biomimetic patterns of electrical stimulation for prosthetic sensation.
Academic Article Information about contact force and surface texture is mixed in the firing rates of cutaneous afferent neurons.
Academic Article Chronic Use of a Sensitized Bionic Hand Does Not Remap the Sense of Touch.
Academic Article The science and engineering behind sensitized brain-controlled bionic hands.
Academic Article The neural mechanisms of manual dexterity.
Academic Article Sensory computations in the cuneate nucleus of macaques.
Academic Article Frequency Shapes the Quality of Tactile Percepts Evoked through Electrical Stimulation of the Nerves.
Academic Article Texture is encoded in precise temporal spiking patterns in primate somatosensory cortex.
Academic Article The neural basis of tactile texture perception.
Academic Article A context-dependent switch from sensing to feeling in the primate amygdala.
Grant Probing somatosensory representations in the cuneate nucleus of awake primates
Grant Touch spanning spatial scales: The neural basis of texture perception in somatosensory cortices
Grant Cortical Processing of Tactual Spacial Information
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