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Academic Article Hypoxemia during oral feeding of children with severe cerebral palsy.
Academic Article Kindergarten readiness after extreme prematurity.
Academic Article The stability and equivalence reliability of the functional independence measure for children (WeeFIM).
Academic Article Television-viewing habits and sleep disturbance in school children.
Academic Article Measuring developmental and functional status in children with disabilities.
Academic Article Functional limitations and key indicators of well-being in children with disability.
Academic Article Improved disability population estimates of functional limitation among American children aged 5-17.
Academic Article The vulnerable preschool child: the impact of biomedical and social risks on neurodevelopmental function.
Academic Article Genes, brains, and development: linking preschool developmental disorders to medical science and care.
Academic Article Functional status, medical impairments, and rehabilitation resources in 84 females with Rett syndrome: a snapshot across the world from the parental perspective.
Academic Article Growth of preterm infants with cystic periventricular leukomalacia.
Academic Article The WeeFIM instrument: its utility in detecting change in children with developmental disabilities.
Academic Article Functional assessment and care of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities.
Academic Article Functional outcomes in self-care, mobility, communication, and learning in extremely low-birth weight infants.
Academic Article Parental and self-report of sleep in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
Academic Article Newborn screening compared to clinical identification of biochemical genetic disorders.
Academic Article Guidelines for safe transportation of children in wheelchairs.
Academic Article Severity of neonatal retinopathy of prematurity is predictive of neurodevelopmental functional outcome at age 5.5 years. Behalf of the Cryotherapy for Retinopathy of Prematurity Cooperative Group.
Academic Article Tools for measuring daily activities in children: promoting independence and developing a language for child disability.
Academic Article Functional status of school-aged children with Down syndrome.
Academic Article Functional disability and school activity limitations in 41,300 school-age children: relationship to medical impairments.
Academic Article Educational and social competencies at 8 years in children with threshold retinopathy of prematurity in the CRYO-ROP multicenter study.
Academic Article Describing the phenotype in Rett syndrome using a population database.
Academic Article Medical, functional, and social determinants of health-related quality of life in individuals with myelomeningocele.
Academic Article Effect of expanded newborn screening for biochemical genetic disorders on child outcomes and parental stress.
Academic Article Physical and mental health of mothers caring for a child with Rett syndrome.
Academic Article Acquired epileptic aphasia. Diagnostic aspects of progressive language loss in preschool children.
Academic Article Physical and mental health in mothers of children with Down syndrome.
Academic Article Central nervous system connectivity after extreme prematurity: understanding autistic spectrum disorder.
Academic Article Symptomatic atlantoaxial instability associated with medical and rehabilitative procedures in children with Down syndrome.
Academic Article Developing preschool surveillance tools for adaptive functioning: lessons for neuro-oncology.
Academic Article Predicting school readiness from neurodevelopmental assessments at age 2 years after respiratory distress syndrome in infants born preterm.
Academic Article Concurrent validity of the parent-completed Ages and Stages Questionnaires, 2nd Ed. with the Bayley Scales of Infant Development II in a low-risk sample.
Academic Article Optimizing neuromotor outcomes among very preterm, very low-birth-weight infants.
Academic Article Functional performance of preterm children at age 4.
Academic Article Establishing a translational science for autistic spectrum disorders for children and their families: optimizing function, participation, and well-being.
Academic Article The spectrum of behavioral outcomes after extreme prematurity: regulatory, attention, social, and adaptive dimensions.
Academic Article The cerebral palsy research registry: development and progress toward national collaboration in the United States.
Academic Article Predictors of mortality, morbidity, and disability in a cohort of infants < or = 28 weeks' gestation.
Academic Article Risk of serious illness in heterozygotes for ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency.
Academic Article Risk factors affecting school readiness in premature infants with respiratory distress syndrome.
Academic Article Measuring outcomes after extreme prematurity with the Bayley-III Scales of infant and toddler development: a cautionary tale from Australia.
Academic Article WeeFIM. Normative sample of an instrument for tracking functional independence in children.
Academic Article The Functional Independence Measure for Children (WeeFIM). Conceptual basis and pilot use in children with developmental disabilities.
Academic Article Cognitive development in children with inborn errors of urea synthesis.
Academic Article Characteristics of dysphagia in children with cerebral palsy.
Academic Article Silent aspiration prominent in children with dysphagia.
Academic Article Child and adult disability in the 2000 Census: disability is a household affair.
Academic Article Interrater agreement and stability of the Functional Independence Measure for Children (WeeFIM): use in children with developmental disabilities.
Academic Article Measuring functional outcomes after prematurity: developmental impact of very low birth weight and extremely low birth weight status on childhood disability.
Academic Article Supporting vulnerable preschool children: connecting the dots before kindergarten.
Academic Article Measuring functional skills in preschool children at risk for neurodevelopmental disabilities.
Academic Article Complexity of the cerebral palsy syndromes: toward a developmental neuroscience approach.
Academic Article Neurodevelopmental management strategies for children with cerebral palsy: optimizing function, promoting participation, and supporting families.
Academic Article Gross motor profile in rett syndrome as determined by video analysis.
Academic Article Developmental and functional outcomes in children with a positive newborn screen for Krabbe disease: a pilot study of a phone-based interview surveillance technique.
Academic Article Induction chemotherapy and conformal radiation therapy for very young children with nonmetastatic medulloblastoma: Children's Oncology Group study P9934.
Academic Article Visuomotor performance in KCNJ11-related neonatal diabetes is impaired in children with DEND-associated mutations and may be improved by early treatment with sulfonylureas.
Academic Article Neurologic outcome in children with inborn errors of urea synthesis. Outcome of urea-cycle enzymopathies.
Academic Article Kindergarten readiness after prematurity: Integrating health, development, and behavioral functioning to optimize educational outcomes of vulnerable children.
Academic Article Social-emotional delays at 2 years in extremely low gestational age survivors: correlates of impaired orientation/engagement and emotional regulation.
Academic Article Medically complex children and early intervention for comprehensive medical care at home.
Academic Article Prematurity and school readiness in a nationally representative sample of Australian children: does typically occurring preschool moderate the relationship?
Academic Article Impaired visual fixation at the age of 2 years in children born before the twenty-eighth week of gestation. Antecedents and correlates in the multicenter ELGAN study.
Academic Article Positive Parenting Practices, Health Disparities, and Developmental Progress.
Academic Article Patients with KCNJ11-related diabetes frequently have neuropsychological impairments compared with sibling controls.
Academic Article Disparities in adversity among children with autism spectrum disorder: a population-based study.
Academic Article ADHD, learning difficulties and sleep disturbances associated with KCNJ11-related neonatal diabetes.
Academic Article Prolonged Hospital Discharge for Children with Technology Dependency: A Source of Health Care Disparities.
Academic Article Delayed Diagnosis and Treatment Among Children with Autism Who Experience Adversity.
Academic Article Adverse Childhood Experiences Are Associated with Unmet Healthcare Needs among Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Academic Article Health Disparities and Child Development After Prematurity.
Academic Article Long-Term Functioning and Participation Across the Life Course for Preterm Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Graduates.
Academic Article Health Care Disparities Among Children with Special Health Care Needs.
Academic Article The Test of Infant Motor Performance at 3 months predicts language, cognitive, and motor outcomes in infants born preterm at 2 years of age.
Academic Article Ethical Implications for Providers Regarding Cannabis Use in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Academic Article Children with developmental disabilities experience higher levels of adversity.
Academic Article Concurrent validity of the Warner Initial Developmental Evaluation of Adaptive and Functional Skills and the Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development, Third Edition.
Academic Article Validity of The Warner Initial Developmental Evaluation of Adaptive and Functional Skills (WIDEA-FS): a daily activity criterion checklist for infants and toddlers.
Academic Article Addressing disparities among children with cerebral palsy: Optimizing enablement, functioning, and participation.
Academic Article Long-Term Outcome of Necrotizing Enterocolitis and Spontaneous Intestinal Perforation.
Academic Article Analysis of Neurodevelopment in Children Born Extremely Preterm Treated With Acid Suppressants Before Age 2 Years.
Academic Article Early childhood developmental skills of children with tracheostomies and ventilators recently discharged home.
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