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Concept Disability Evaluation
Academic Article Improved disability population estimates of functional limitation among American children aged 5-17.
Academic Article Severity of neonatal retinopathy of prematurity is predictive of neurodevelopmental functional outcome at age 5.5 years. Behalf of the Cryotherapy for Retinopathy of Prematurity Cooperative Group.
Academic Article Tools for measuring daily activities in children: promoting independence and developing a language for child disability.
Academic Article Medical, functional, and social determinants of health-related quality of life in individuals with myelomeningocele.
Academic Article Distressed neighborhoods and child disability rates: analyses of 157,000 school-age children.
Academic Article WeeFIM. Normative sample of an instrument for tracking functional independence in children.
Academic Article The Functional Independence Measure for Children (WeeFIM). Conceptual basis and pilot use in children with developmental disabilities.
Academic Article Functional status of extremely preterm infants at kindergarten entry.
Academic Article Interrater agreement and stability of the Functional Independence Measure for Children (WeeFIM): use in children with developmental disabilities.
Academic Article Measuring functional status in children with genetic impairments.
Academic Article Measuring functional outcomes after prematurity: developmental impact of very low birth weight and extremely low birth weight status on childhood disability.
Academic Article Measuring functional skills in preschool children at risk for neurodevelopmental disabilities.
Academic Article Gross motor profile in rett syndrome as determined by video analysis.
Academic Article Health Impact of Participation for Vulnerable Youth With Disabilities.
Academic Article Late adolescent & young adult functioning and participation outcomes after prematurity.
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  • Disability Evaluation