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Concept Alveolar Process
Concept Anatomy
Concept Bone and Bones
Concept Ear Ossicles
Concept Brain
Concept Cornea
Concept Dental Enamel
Concept Cranial Sutures
Concept Ear, External
Concept Facial Bones
Concept Facial Muscles
Concept Dental Arch
Concept Masticatory Muscles
Concept Face
Concept Molar
Concept Motor Cortex
Concept Head
Concept Ear, Middle
Concept Elbow
Concept Hyoid Bone
Concept Jaw
Concept Mandible
Concept Muscles
Concept Motor Neurons
Concept Neck
Concept Neurons
Concept Knee Joint
Concept Periodontal Ligament
Concept Palate
Concept Mouth
Concept Nerve Net
Concept Nervous System
Concept Femur
Concept Temporal Muscle
Concept Pterygoid Muscles
Concept Sarcomeres
Concept Joints
Concept Temporomandibular Joint
Concept Hindlimb
Concept Skull
Concept Tongue
Concept Incisor
Concept Zygoma
Concept Masseter Muscle
Concept Neural Pathways
Concept Muscle, Skeletal
Concept Radius
Concept Tooth
Concept Skull Base
Concept Dentition
Concept Eye
Concept Maxilla
Concept Neck Muscles
Concept Orbit
Concept Placenta
Concept Somatosensory Cortex
Concept Tooth Socket
Academic Article Modeling elastic properties in finite-element analysis: how much precision is needed to produce an accurate model?
Academic Article Finite element analysis in vertebrate biomechanics.
Academic Article Improved understanding of human anatomy through self-guided radiological anatomy modules.
Academic Article Finite element analysis in functional morphology.
Academic Article Direct correlation of radiologic and cadaveric structures in a gross anatomy course.
Academic Article Physician opinions about an anatomy core curriculum: a case for medical imaging and vertical integration.
Academic Article Teaching anatomy with dissection in the time of COVID-19 is essential and possible.
Concept Connectome
Concept Sensorimotor Cortex
Academic Article Personal autonomy and self-determination are crucial for professionalism in healthcare.
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  • Anatomy