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Concept Bite Force
Concept Gravitation
Academic Article Symphyseal fusion and jaw-adductor muscle force: an EMG study.
Academic Article Electromyography of the anterior temporalis and masseter muscles of owl monkeys (Aotus trivirgatus) and the function of the postorbital septum.
Academic Article Comparison of beam theory and finite-element analysis with in vivo bone strain data from the alligator cranium.
Academic Article Modulation of mandibular loading and bite force in mammals during mastication.
Academic Article Scaling of chew cycle duration in primates.
Academic Article Masticatory biomechanics and its relevance to early hominid phylogeny: an examination of palatal thickness using finite-element analysis.
Academic Article Modeling masticatory muscle force in finite element analysis: sensitivity analysis using principal coordinates analysis.
Academic Article Mandibular corpus strain in primates: further evidence for a functional link between symphyseal fusion and jaw-adductor muscle force.
Academic Article The instantaneous center of rotation of the mandible in nonhuman primates.
Academic Article The feeding biomechanics and dietary ecology of Paranthropus boisei.
Academic Article Biomechanical implications of intraspecific shape variation in chimpanzee crania: moving toward an integration of geometric morphometrics and finite element analysis.
Academic Article In vivo cranial bone strain and bite force in the agamid lizard Uromastyx geyri.
Academic Article Mechanical evidence that Australopithecus sediba was limited in its ability to eat hard foods.
Academic Article Review of In Vivo Bone Strain Studies and Finite Element Models of the Zygomatic Complex in Humans and Nonhuman Primates: Implications for Clinical Research and Practice.
Academic Article The Biomechanics of Bony Facial "Buttresses" in South African Australopiths: An Experimental Study Using Finite Element Analysis.
Academic Article Jaw-muscle force and excursion scale with negative allometry in platyrrhine primates.
Academic Article Jaw-Muscle Fiber Architecture and Leverage in the Hard-Object Feeding Sooty Mangabey are not Structured to Facilitate Relatively Large Bite Forces Compared to Other Papionins.
Academic Article Bite force and cranial bone strain in four species of lizards.
Academic Article Mechanical compensation in the evolution of the early hominin feeding apparatus.

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