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overview My lab researches the motor control and biomechanics of feeding system. My lab uses electromyography and fluoromicrometry to study feeding muscle function, high speed biplanar videofluoroscopy to study 3d tongue and jaw kinematics, and finite element modelling to study mandible mechanics. We study diverse taxa. My lab is working on understanding how both the jaw and tongue are moved and controlled during oral behaviors such as drinking, chewing and swallowing. Dr. Nicho Hatsopoulos and my lab use neural recording techniques to study the role of motor and sensory cortex in control of oral behaviors including chewing and swallowing. We are researching neural encoding of jaw and tongue movements, neuroplasticity associated with learning new oral skills, and, with Dr. Fritzie Arce-McShane, the role of different oral sensory pathways in control of jaw and tongue movement. My lab and Dr. Zeray Alemseged are using finite-element models of primate jaws to study mandible design in humans, great apes, and fossil hominids. Dr. Russell Reid in the Department of Surgery and my lab are working with Drs. Olga Panagiotopoulou in Australia and Felippe Prado in Brazil on bioengineering of human jaw function during distraction osteogenesis and fracture repair.

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Concept Mastication
Academic Article In vivo and in vitro bone strain in the owl monkey circumorbital region and the function of the postorbital septum.
Academic Article In vivo function of the craniofacial haft: the interorbital "pillar".
Academic Article Modeling elastic properties in finite-element analysis: how much precision is needed to produce an accurate model?
Academic Article Comparison of beam theory and finite-element analysis with in vivo bone strain data from the alligator cranium.
Academic Article Modulation of mandibular loading and bite force in mammals during mastication.
Academic Article Scaling of chew cycle duration in primates.
Academic Article Ecological consequences of scaling of chew cycle duration and daily feeding time in primates.
Academic Article Chewing variation in lepidosaurs and primates.
Academic Article Allometry of masticatory loading parameters in mammals.
Academic Article The influence of food material properties on jaw kinematics in the primate, Cebus.
Academic Article In vivo bone strain and finite-element modeling of the craniofacial haft in catarrhine primates.
Academic Article Masticatory biomechanics and its relevance to early hominid phylogeny: an examination of palatal thickness using finite-element analysis.
Academic Article Sources of variance in temporal and spatial aspects of jaw kinematics in two species of primates feeding on foods of different properties.
Academic Article A finite element analysis of masticatory stress hypotheses.
Academic Article Evolution of muscle activity patterns driving motions of the jaw and hyoid during chewing in Gnathostomes.
Academic Article Modeling masticatory muscle force in finite element analysis: sensitivity analysis using principal coordinates analysis.
Academic Article Rhythmic chewing with oral jaws in teleost fishes: a comparison with amniotes.
Academic Article Mandibular corpus strain in primates: further evidence for a functional link between symphyseal fusion and jaw-adductor muscle force.
Academic Article The instantaneous center of rotation of the mandible in nonhuman primates.
Academic Article Temporalis function in anthropoids and strepsirrhines: an EMG study.
Academic Article Granger causality analysis of functional connectivity of spiking neurons in orofacial motor cortex during chewing and swallowing.
Academic Article In vivo cranial bone strain and bite force in the agamid lizard Uromastyx geyri.
Academic Article In vivo bone strain in the mandibular corpus of Sapajus during a range of oral food processing behaviors.
Academic Article Review of In Vivo Bone Strain Studies and Finite Element Models of the Zygomatic Complex in Humans and Nonhuman Primates: Implications for Clinical Research and Practice.
Academic Article The Biomechanics of Bony Facial "Buttresses" in South African Australopiths: An Experimental Study Using Finite Element Analysis.
Academic Article Scaling of rotational inertia of primate mandibles.
Academic Article Sagittal Plane Kinematics of the Jaw and Hyolingual Apparatus During Swallowing in Macaca mulatta.
Academic Article Jaw-Muscle Fiber Architecture and Leverage in the Hard-Object Feeding Sooty Mangabey are not Structured to Facilitate Relatively Large Bite Forces Compared to Other Papionins.
Academic Article Evaluating the triplet hypothesis during rhythmic mastication in primates.
Academic Article In vivo bone strain and finite element modeling of a rhesus macaque mandible during mastication.
Academic Article Functional correlates of the position of the axis of rotation of the mandible during chewing in non-human primates.
Academic Article Dynamics of motor cortical activity during naturalistic feeding behavior.
Academic Article Jaw Elevator Muscle Coordination during Rhythmic Mastication in Primates: Are Triplets Units of Motor Control?
Academic Article Jaw kinematics and mandibular morphology in humans.
Academic Article Muscle architecture dynamics modulate performance of the superficial anterior temporalis muscle during chewing in capuchins.
Academic Article Biomechanics of the mandible of Macaca mulatta during the power stroke of mastication: Loading, deformation, and strain regimes and the impact of food type.
Academic Article Ingestive behaviors in bearded capuchins (Sapajus libidinosus).

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