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Concept Radiographic Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted
Academic Article A general approach for multidimensional smoothing.
Academic Article Sampling and aliasing consequences of quarter-detector offset use in helical CT.
Academic Article Impact of polychromatic x-ray sources on helical, cone-beam computed tomography and dual-energy methods.
Academic Article Partial volume and aliasing artefacts in helical cone-beam CT.
Academic Article Image reconstruction on PI-lines by use of filtered backprojection in helical cone-beam CT.
Academic Article Region-of-interest reconstruction of motion-contaminated data using a weighted backprojection filtration algorithm.
Academic Article Spatial-resolution enhancement in computed tomography.
Academic Article A preliminary investigation of local tomography for megavoltage CT imaging.
Academic Article Region of interest reconstruction from truncated data in circular cone-beam CT.
Academic Article Exact image reconstruction on PI-lines from minimum data in helical cone-beam CT.
Academic Article An extended data function and its generalized backprojection for image reconstruction in helical cone-beam CT.
Academic Article Reconstruction of 3D regions-of-interest from data in reduced helical cone-beam scans.
Academic Article Minimum data image reconstruction algorithms with shift-invariant filtering for helical, cone-beam CT.
Academic Article PI-line-based image reconstruction in helical cone-beam computed tomography with a variable pitch.
Academic Article Theory and algorithms for image reconstruction on chords and within regions of interest.
Academic Article A BPF-FBP tandem algorithm for image reconstruction in reverse helical cone-beam CT.
Academic Article Analysis of image-reconstruction algorithms for circular, cone-beam CT by Hotelling observer performance on a detection task.
Academic Article Backprojection-filtration reconstruction without invoking a spatially varying weighting factor.
Academic Article Image reconstruction in peripheral and central regions-of-interest and data redundancy.
Academic Article Image reconstruction in reduced circular sinusoidal cone-beam CT.
Academic Article Noise properties of chord-image reconstruction.
Academic Article Algorithm-enabled low-dose micro-CT imaging.
Academic Article A unified analysis of FBP-based algorithms in helical cone-beam and circular cone- and fan-beam scans.
Academic Article Image reconstruction in circular cone-beam computed tomography by constrained, total-variation minimization.
Academic Article Algorithm-enabled exploration of image-quality potential of cone-beam CT in image-guided radiation therapy.
Academic Article Investigation of optimization-based reconstruction with an image-total-variation constraint in PET.

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