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Concept Chickens
Academic Article Cardiac intercellular communication: consequences of connexin distribution and diversity.
Academic Article Cultured chicken embryo lens cells resemble differentiating fiber cells in vivo and contain two kinetic pools of connexin56.
Academic Article Gap junctions in the chicken pineal gland.
Academic Article Co-expression of lens fiber connexins modifies hemi-gap-junctional channel behavior.
Academic Article Heteromeric connexons formed by the lens connexins, connexin43 and connexin56.
Academic Article PKC isoenzymes in the chicken lens and TPA-induced effects on intercellular communication.
Academic Article Heteromeric mixing of connexins: compatibility of partners and functional consequences.
Academic Article Selectivity of connexin-specific gap junctions does not correlate with channel conductance.
Academic Article Characterization of the gap junction protein connexin56 in the chicken lens by immunofluorescence and immunoblotting.
Academic Article Selective dye and ionic permeability of gap junction channels formed by connexin45.
Academic Article Chick connexin-56, a novel lens gap junction protein. Molecular cloning and functional expression.
Academic Article Lectins from chicken tissues are mitogenic for Thy-1 negative murine spleen cells.
Academic Article Transfected connexin45 alters gap junction permeability in cells expressing endogenous connexin43.
Academic Article Distinct behavior of connexin56 and connexin46 gap junctional channels can be predicted from the behavior of their hemi-gap-junctional channels.
Academic Article Two lactose binding lectins from chicken tissues. Purified lectin from intestine is different from those in liver and muscle.
Academic Article Quantitation of two endogenous lactose-inhibitable lectins in embryonic and adult chicken tissues.
Academic Article Chicken tissue binding sites for a purified chicken lectin.

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