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overview Dr. Beyer is a physician scientist who practices pediatric hematology/oncology and has a broad background in basic laboratory and translational research. His laboratory has spent more nearly 30 years investigating intercellular communication (as mediated by the channels contained within gap junctions) and how its disruptions contribute to disease. These studies encompass basic investigations including identification and cloning of the subunit proteins, characterization of structure-function physiological relationships, determination of pathways of biosynthesis and degradation. Dr. Beyer's laboratory has also been pursuing translational examinations of the roles of these proteins in diseases including cataracts, deafness, arrhythmias, cancer, and premature labor. The group has spent many years studying the connexins expressed in the eye lens. They are elucidating the process of cataract development by studying mouse and cell culture models that mimic the pathologies seen in human families with connexin mutants and inherited cataracts. Dr. Beyer has investigated the roles of cardiac connexins in normal cardiac conduction and in the pathogenesis of arrhythmias. He is studying the roles of circulating extracellular vesicles in the vascular pathologies that underlie the crises of patients with sickle cell disease. He has mentored many students and post-doctoral fellows within his laboratory.

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Concept Cloning, Molecular
Academic Article Cloning and functional expression of a novel gap junction channel from the retina of Danio aquipinnatus.
Academic Article Mouse connexin40: gene structure and promoter analysis.
Academic Article Mouse connexin 45: genomic cloning and exon usage.
Academic Article Evidence that the gap junction protein connexin-43 is the ATP-induced pore of mouse macrophages.
Academic Article Molecular cloning of a rat uterine gap junction protein and analysis of gene expression during gestation.
Academic Article Highly restricted pattern of connexin36 expression in chick somite development.
Academic Article Connexin family of gap junction proteins.
Academic Article Molecular cloning and developmental expression of two chick embryo gap junction proteins.
Academic Article A novel connexin50 mutation associated with congenital nuclear pulverulent cataracts.
Academic Article Expression of the gap junction protein connexin43 in embryonic chick lens: molecular cloning, ultrastructural localization, and post-translational phosphorylation.
Academic Article Chick connexin-56, a novel lens gap junction protein. Molecular cloning and functional expression.
Academic Article Molecular cloning and expression of rat connexin40, a gap junction protein expressed in vascular smooth muscle.
Academic Article Bovine connexin44, a lens gap junction protein: molecular cloning, immunologic characterization, and functional expression.
Academic Article Cardiac myocytes express multiple gap junction proteins.
Academic Article Molecular cloning of two human cardiac gap junction proteins, connexin40 and connexin45.
Academic Article Cloning and expression of a Xenopus embryonic gap junction protein.
Academic Article Molecular cloning and functional expression of human connexin37, an endothelial cell gap junction protein.

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