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Academic Article Differential regulation of connexin43 and connexin37 in endothelial cells by cell density, growth, and TGF-beta1.
Academic Article Cultured chicken embryo lens cells resemble differentiating fiber cells in vivo and contain two kinetic pools of connexin56.
Academic Article Proteolysis of connexin43-containing gap junctions in normal and heat-stressed cardiac myocytes.
Academic Article Regulation of connexin43 expression and function by prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) and parathyroid hormone (PTH) in osteoblastic cells.
Academic Article Functional expression and biophysical properties of polymorphic variants of the human gap junction protein connexin37.
Academic Article Modulation of intercellular communication by differential regulation and heteromeric mixing of co-expressed connexins.
Academic Article Characterization of gap junction channels in A7r5 vascular smooth muscle cells.
Academic Article PKC isoenzymes in the chicken lens and TPA-induced effects on intercellular communication.
Academic Article Loss of function and impaired degradation of a cataract-associated mutant connexin50.
Academic Article N-terminal residues in Cx43 and Cx40 determine physiological properties of gap junction channels, but do not influence heteromeric assembly with each other or with Cx26.
Academic Article Transgenic overexpression of connexin50 induces cataracts.
Academic Article Connexin40 and connexin43 determine gating properties of atrial gap junction channels.
Academic Article Modulation of connexin43 expression: effects on cellular coupling.
Academic Article A mutant connexin50 with enhanced hemichannel function leads to cell death.
Academic Article Characterization of the gap junction protein connexin56 in the chicken lens by immunofluorescence and immunoblotting.
Academic Article Localization and distribution of gap junctions in normal and cardiomyopathic hamster heart.
Academic Article Cataracts are caused by alterations of a critical N-terminal positive charge in connexin50.
Academic Article The gap junction protein connexin43 is degraded via the ubiquitin proteasome pathway.
Academic Article Transfected connexin45 alters gap junction permeability in cells expressing endogenous connexin43.
Academic Article Distinct behavior of connexin56 and connexin46 gap junctional channels can be predicted from the behavior of their hemi-gap-junctional channels.
Academic Article Dephosphorylation and intracellular redistribution of ventricular connexin43 during electrical uncoupling induced by ischemia.
Academic Article A connexin50 mutant, CX50fs, that causes cataracts is unstable, but is rescued by a proteasomal inhibitor.
Academic Article Connexin50D47A decreases levels of fiber cell connexins and impairs lens fiber cell differentiation.
Academic Article Physiological and Optical Alterations Precede the Appearance of Cataracts in Cx46fs380 Mice.
Academic Article Chemical chaperone treatment improves levels and distributions of connexins in Cx50D47A mouse lenses.
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