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Concept Patch-Clamp Techniques
Academic Article Evidence for heteromeric gap junction channels formed from rat connexin43 and human connexin37.
Academic Article Co-expression of lens fiber connexins modifies hemi-gap-junctional channel behavior.
Academic Article Functional expression and biophysical properties of polymorphic variants of the human gap junction protein connexin37.
Academic Article Modulation of intercellular communication by differential regulation and heteromeric mixing of co-expressed connexins.
Academic Article Heterotypic docking of Cx43 and Cx45 connexons blocks fast voltage gating of Cx43.
Academic Article Heteromeric mixing of connexins: compatibility of partners and functional consequences.
Academic Article Amino terminal glutamate residues confer spermine sensitivity and affect voltage gating and channel conductance of rat connexin40 gap junctions.
Academic Article N-terminal residues in Cx43 and Cx40 determine physiological properties of gap junction channels, but do not influence heteromeric assembly with each other or with Cx26.
Academic Article Connexin43 and connexin26 form gap junctions, but not heteromeric channels in co-expressing cells.
Academic Article Different consequences of cataract-associated mutations at adjacent positions in the first extracellular boundary of connexin50.
Academic Article Selectivity of connexin-specific gap junctions does not correlate with channel conductance.
Academic Article A mutant connexin50 with enhanced hemichannel function leads to cell death.
Academic Article Distinct behavior of connexin56 and connexin46 gap junctional channels can be predicted from the behavior of their hemi-gap-junctional channels.
Academic Article Degradation of a connexin40 mutant linked to atrial fibrillation is accelerated.
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