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Concept Premature Birth
Academic Article Associations between gene polymorphisms in fatty acid metabolism pathway and preterm delivery in a US urban black population.
Academic Article Pretreatment with pancaspase inhibitor (Z-VAD-FMK) delays but does not prevent intraperitoneal heat-killed group B Streptococcus-induced preterm delivery in a pregnant mouse model.
Academic Article Role of African ancestry and gene-environment interactions in predicting preterm birth.
Academic Article Surfactant protein (SP)-A suppresses preterm delivery and inflammation via TLR2.
Academic Article Recurrence of group B streptococcus colonization in successive pregnancies.
Academic Article Platelet-activating factor: a role in preterm delivery and an essential interaction with Toll-like receptor signaling in mice.
Academic Article The adaptor protein MyD88 is essential for E coli-induced preterm delivery in mice.
Academic Article Maternal and fetal roles in bacterially induced preterm labor in the mouse.
Academic Article Surfactant protein A suppresses preterm delivery induced by live Escherichia coli in mice.
Academic Article A comprehensive analysis of the association between placental pathology and recurrent preterm birth.
Academic Article Single second-trimester cervical length is predictive of preterm delivery among patients with prophylactic cerclage.
Academic Article Maternal plasma and salivary anelloviruses in pregnancy and preterm birth.
Academic Article Placental histology for targeted risk assessment of recurrent spontaneous preterm birth.
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