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Concept Antigens, Surface
Academic Article Inhibition of complement regulation is key to the pathogenesis of active Heymann nephritis.
Academic Article Production of the rat complement regulator, Crry, as an active soluble protein in Pichia pastoris.
Academic Article Production and functional analysis of rat CD59 and chimeric CD59-Crry as active soluble proteins in Pichia pastoris.
Academic Article Glomerular complement regulation is overwhelmed in passive Heymann nephritis.
Academic Article The extended multidomain solution structures of the complement protein Crry and its chimeric conjugate Crry-Ig by scattering, analytical ultracentrifugation and constrained modelling: implications for function and therapy.
Academic Article Complement inhibitors targeted to the proximal tubule prevent injury in experimental nephrotic syndrome and demonstrate a key role for C5b-9.
Academic Article Characterization of rat complement receptors and regulatory proteins. CR2 and Crry are conserved, and the C3b receptor of neutrophils and platelets is distinct from CR1.
Academic Article Complement regulation in the rat glomerulus: Crry and CD59 regulate complement in glomerular mesangial and endothelial cells.
Academic Article Molecular characterization of rat Crry: widespread distribution of two alternative forms of Crry mRNA.
Academic Article Crry and CD59 regulate complement in rat glomerular epithelial cells and are inhibited by the nephritogenic antibody of passive Heymann nephritis.

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