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Concept Complement System Proteins
Concept Complement Pathway, Classical
Concept Complement C9
Concept Complement C3b
Concept Complement Inactivator Proteins
Concept Complement Activation
Concept Complement C3
Concept Complement C4
Concept Complement C5
Concept Complement Factor B
Concept Receptors, Complement
Concept Complement C5a
Concept Complement Membrane Attack Complex
Concept Complement C3d
Concept Complement Factor H
Concept Complement C5b
Concept Complement Inactivating Agents
Concept Receptors, Complement 3d
Concept Complement C3a
Concept Receptors, Complement 3b
Concept Complement Pathway, Alternative
Academic Article Characterization of C3-binding proteins on mouse neutrophils and platelets.
Academic Article Inhibition of complement regulation is key to the pathogenesis of active Heymann nephritis.
Academic Article Immune complex glomerulonephritis in C4- and C3-deficient mice.
Academic Article Production of the rat complement regulator, Crry, as an active soluble protein in Pichia pastoris.
Academic Article Production and functional analysis of rat CD59 and chimeric CD59-Crry as active soluble proteins in Pichia pastoris.
Academic Article Characterization of C3 receptors on cultured rat glomerular endothelial cells.
Academic Article Renal, central nervous system and pancreatic overexpression of recombinant soluble Crry in transgenic mice. A novel means of protection from complement-mediated injury.
Academic Article Expression of a soluble complement inhibitor protects transgenic mice from antibody-induced acute renal failure.
Academic Article Complement is activated in kidney by endotoxin but does not cause the ensuing acute renal failure.
Academic Article A protein with characteristics of factor H is present on rodent platelets and functions as the immune adherence receptor.
Academic Article Transgenic mice overexpressing the complement inhibitor crry as a soluble protein are protected from antibody-induced glomerular injury.
Academic Article Glomerular complement regulation is overwhelmed in passive Heymann nephritis.
Academic Article A complement-dependent model of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura induced by antibodies reactive with endothelial cells.
Academic Article Transgenic expression of a soluble complement inhibitor protects against renal disease and promotes survival in MRL/lpr mice.
Academic Article Use of complement inhibitors in tissue injury.
Academic Article The extended multidomain solution structures of the complement protein Crry and its chimeric conjugate Crry-Ig by scattering, analytical ultracentrifugation and constrained modelling: implications for function and therapy.
Academic Article Decay-accelerating factor expression in the rat kidney is restricted to the apical surface of podocytes.
Academic Article Excessive matrix accumulation in the kidneys of MRL/lpr lupus mice is dependent on complement activation.
Academic Article Rat glomerular epithelial cells produce and bear factor H on their surface that is up-regulated under complement attack.
Academic Article Complement and autoimmune glomerular diseases.
Academic Article Administration of the soluble complement inhibitor, Crry-Ig, reduces inflammation and aquaporin 4 expression in lupus cerebritis.
Academic Article Isolation and characterization of a novel rat factor H-related protein that is up-regulated in glomeruli under complement attack.
Academic Article Complement and the kidney.
Academic Article Injury in renal ischemia-reperfusion is independent from immunoglobulins and T lymphocytes.
Academic Article Overexpression of complement inhibitor Crry does not prevent cryoglobulin-associated membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis.
Academic Article Role of complement and complement regulatory proteins in glomerulonephritis.
Academic Article Contrasting roles of complement activation and its regulation in membranous nephropathy.
Academic Article Treatment of glomerulonephritis: will we ever have options other than steroids and cytotoxics?
Academic Article Administration of a soluble recombinant complement C3 inhibitor protects against renal disease in MRL/lpr mice.
Academic Article C5a promotes development of experimental lupus nephritis which can be blocked with a specific receptor antagonist.
Academic Article Mouse podocyte complement factor H: the functional analog to human complement receptor 1.
Academic Article Complement-dependent apoptosis and inflammatory gene changes in murine lupus cerebritis.
Academic Article Distinct and separable roles of the complement system in factor H-deficient bone marrow chimeric mice with immune complex disease.
Academic Article CR1/CR2 deficiency alters IgG3 autoantibody production and IgA glomerular deposition in the MRL/lpr model of SLE.
Academic Article Unrestricted C3 activation occurs in Crry-deficient kidneys and rapidly leads to chronic renal failure.
Academic Article The role of the complement cascade in endotoxin-induced septic encephalopathy.
Academic Article Absence of functional alternative complement pathway alleviates lupus cerebritis.
Academic Article The many effects of complement C3- and C5-binding proteins in renal injury.
Academic Article Complement inhibitors targeted to the proximal tubule prevent injury in experimental nephrotic syndrome and demonstrate a key role for C5b-9.
Academic Article Signaling through up-regulated C3a receptor is key to the development of experimental lupus nephritis.
Academic Article The simple design of complement factor H: Looks can be deceiving.
Academic Article Inhibition of C5a receptor alleviates experimental CNS lupus.
Academic Article C5a alters blood-brain barrier integrity in experimental lupus.
Academic Article Decay-accelerating factor but not CD59 limits experimental immune-complex glomerulonephritis.
Academic Article Complement in lupus nephritis: the good, the bad, and the unknown.
Academic Article New approaches to the treatment of dense deposit disease.
Academic Article Distinct roles for C3a and C5a in complement-induced tubulointerstitial injury.
Academic Article C5a/CD88 signaling alters blood-brain barrier integrity in lupus through nuclear factor-?B.
Academic Article Experimental membranous nephropathy redux.
Academic Article Pathogenic natural antibodies recognizing annexin IV are required to develop intestinal ischemia-reperfusion injury.
Academic Article Mesangial cell complement receptor 1-related protein y limits complement-dependent neutrophil accumulation in immune complex glomerulonephritis.
Academic Article C3aR inhibition reduces neurodegeneration in experimental lupus.
Academic Article Abnormal immune complex processing and spontaneous glomerulonephritis in complement factor H-deficient mice with human complement receptor 1 on erythrocytes.
Academic Article Complement alternative pathway activation in the autologous phase of nephrotoxic serum nephritis.
Academic Article The C5a receptor has a key role in immune complex glomerulonephritis in complement factor H-deficient mice.
Academic Article Characterization of rat complement receptors and regulatory proteins. CR2 and Crry are conserved, and the C3b receptor of neutrophils and platelets is distinct from CR1.
Academic Article Complement regulation in the rat glomerulus: Crry and CD59 regulate complement in glomerular mesangial and endothelial cells.
Academic Article Molecular characterization of rat Crry: widespread distribution of two alternative forms of Crry mRNA.
Academic Article Crry and CD59 regulate complement in rat glomerular epithelial cells and are inhibited by the nephritogenic antibody of passive Heymann nephritis.
Academic Article Alteration in kidney glucose and amino acids are implicated in renal pathology in MRL/lpr mice.
Academic Article Blockade of antibody-induced glomerulonephritis with Crry-Ig, a soluble murine complement inhibitor.
Academic Article Inhibiting the complement system does not reduce injury in renal ischemia reperfusion.
Academic Article Prominent neurodegeneration and increased plaque formation in complement-inhibited Alzheimer's mice.
Academic Article Complement factor h limits immune complex deposition and prevents inflammation and scarring in glomeruli of mice with chronic serum sickness.
Academic Article C3a is required for the production of CXC chemokines by tubular epithelial cells after renal ishemia/reperfusion.
Academic Article Complement factor H deficiency accelerates development of lupus nephritis.
Academic Article Curcumin alleviates immune-complex-mediated glomerulonephritis in factor-H-deficient mice.
Academic Article CD11b is protective in complement-mediated immune complex glomerulonephritis.
Academic Article Transcriptional profiling reveals that C5a alters microRNA in brain endothelial cells.
Academic Article C5a alters blood-brain barrier integrity in a human in vitro model of systemic lupus erythematosus.
Academic Article Abrogation of immune complex glomerulonephritis by native carboxypeptidase and pharmacological antagonism of the C5a receptor.
Academic Article Complement in Lupus Nephritis: New Perspectives.
Academic Article Complement regulation in renal disease models.
Academic Article Complement activation in the tubulointerstitium: AKI, CKD, and in between.
Academic Article Immunomodulatory Role of Complement Proteins in the Neuropathology Associated with Opiate Abuse and HIV-1 Co-Morbidity.
Academic Article C5a induces caspase-dependent apoptosis in brain vascular endothelial cells in experimental lupus.
Academic Article Muscle, myeloid cells, and complement: a complex interaction.
Academic Article Taming hemodialysis-induced inflammation: Are complement C3 inhibitors a viable option?
Academic Article Absence of complement factor H alters bone architecture and dynamics.
Academic Article Absence of complement factor H reduces physical performance in C57BL6 mice.
Academic Article Local complement factor H protects kidney endothelial cell structure and function.
Academic Article Improving Clinical Trials for Anticomplement Therapies in Complement-Mediated Glomerulopathies: Report of a Scientific Workshop Sponsored by the National Kidney Foundation.
Academic Article Macrophage Depletion Reduces Disease Pathology in Factor H-Dependent Immune Complex-Mediated Glomerulonephritis.
Grant Targeting complement inhibitors to the human proximal tubule
Grant Nephrology Research Training Grant
Grant Role of the Complement System in Renal Disease
Grant Pathogenic role of the complement system in murine lupus
Grant Role of the complement system in renal disease
Academic Article Complement: Functions, location and implications.
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