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Concept Graft Survival
Academic Article A randomized clinical trial of induction therapy with OKT3 in kidney transplantation.
Academic Article Use of cryopreserved vein allogeneic homografts in liver transplantation.
Academic Article Late complications in kidney-pancreas transplant recipients.
Academic Article FK 506 therapy for refractory renal allograft rejection: lessons from liver transplantation.
Academic Article OKT3 induction in pediatric renal transplantation.
Academic Article Pancreas transplantation with portal venous drainage and enteric exocrine drainage offers early advantages without compromising safety or allograft function.
Academic Article Outcome of monoclonal antibody induction and anti-rejection therapy in pancreas transplantation.
Academic Article Retransplantation for failed hepatic allografts in children.
Academic Article Long-term outcome of kidney-pancreas transplant recipients with good graft function at one year.
Academic Article An analysis of hepatic retransplantation in children.
Academic Article Tacrolimus/mycophenolate provides superior immunosuppression relative to neoral/mycophenolate in synchronous pancreas-kidney transplantation.
Academic Article Immunosuppressive effects of human CTLA4Ig in a non-human primate model of allogeneic pancreatic islet transplantation.
Academic Article Impact of a liberalized donor acceptance policy on liver transplantation.
Academic Article Absence of host B7 expression is sufficient for long-term murine vascularized heart allograft survival.
Academic Article Role of STAT4 and STAT6 signaling in allograft rejection and CTLA4-Ig-mediated tolerance.
Academic Article Tacrolimus therapy for refractory acute renal allograft rejection: a 4-year experience with an aggressive approach.
Academic Article Differential effect of an anti-CD8 monoclonal antibody on rejection of murine intestine and cardiac allografts.
Academic Article Evaluation of pre- and posttransplant donor-specific transfusion/cyclosporine A in non-HLA identical living donor kidney transplant recipients. Cooperative Clinical Trials in Transplantation Research Group.
Academic Article Transplantation and the CD28/CTLA4/B7 pathway.
Academic Article Different mechanisms of cardiac allograft rejection in wildtype and CD28-deficient mice.
Academic Article Reduced acute rejection and superior 1-year renal allograft survival with basiliximab in patients with diabetes mellitus. The Global Simulect Study Group.
Academic Article Living related liver transplantation in children: a report of the first 58 recipients at the University of Chicago.
Academic Article CD8 T cell-mediated rejection of intestinal allografts is resistant to inhibition of the CD40/CD154 costimulatory pathway.
Academic Article Liver transplantation in children from living related donors. Surgical techniques and results.
Academic Article Laser Doppler blood flow measurement as a predictor of viability of renal allografts.
Academic Article [Preservation of donor livers with University of Wisconsin solution].
Academic Article Transplantation of two patients with one liver. Analysis of a preliminary experience with 'split-liver' grafting.
Academic Article Application of reduced-size liver transplants as split grafts, auxiliary orthotopic grafts, and living related segmental transplants.
Academic Article Does depletion of donor dendritic cells in an organ allograft lead to prolongation of graft survival on transplantation?
Academic Article Reduced-size orthotopic liver transplantation: use in the management of children with chronic liver disease.
Academic Article Prolongation of human pancreatic islet xenografts by pretreatment of islets with anti-human ICAM-1 monoclonal antibody.
Academic Article Prolongation of skin xenograft survival with concomitant donor bone marrow transplantation.
Academic Article Low-dose anti-CD3 therapy provides long-term graft survival in a Lewis rat to C57BL/6 xeno-islet transplantation model.
Academic Article Improved results of preservation of hepatic grafts preflushed with albumin and prostaglandins.
Academic Article Intermediate normothermic hemoperfusion doubles safe cold preservation of rat kidneys.
Academic Article Potent immunosuppression overcomes retransplantation, presensitization, and historical positive crossmatch as transplant risk factors.
Academic Article OKT3 treatment of steroid-resistant renal allograft rejection.
Academic Article Intrathymic xenogeneic pancreatic islet transplantation--induction of donor-specific unresponsiveness by MHC class II peptides.
Academic Article Use of a brief steroid trial before initiating OKT3 therapy for renal allograft rejection.
Academic Article Potent immunosuppression overcomes immunologic high-risk factors in recipients of cadaveric renal allografts.
Academic Article Elective conversion from cyclosporine to azathioprine in recipients with stable renal function 6 months after kidney transplantation.
Academic Article OKT3 prophylaxis improves long-term renal graft survival in high-risk patients as compared to cyclosporine: combined results from the prospective, randomized Belgian and US studies.
Academic Article Inhibition of transplant rejection by pretreatment of xenogeneic pancreatic islet cells with anti-ICAM-1 antibodies.
Academic Article Long-term survival of xenogeneic pancreatic islet grafts induced by CTLA4lg.
Academic Article Immunomodulation of human islets results in prolonged in vivo islet graft survival.
Academic Article A non-activating "humanized" anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody retains immunosuppressive properties in vivo.
Academic Article OKT3 prophylaxis in renal grafts with prolonged cold ischemia times: association with improvement in long-term survival.
Academic Article Aggressive needle biopsy protocol prevents loss of renal allografts to undetected rejection during early posttransplant dysfunction.
Academic Article An immunosuppressive protocol compatible with the United States kidney transplant diagnosis related grouping.
Academic Article Synchronous pancreas-kidney transplantation with portal venous and enteric exocrine drainage: outcome in 70 consecutive cases.
Academic Article Shared decision making in deceased-donor transplantation.
Academic Article Effect of class II antigen matching on renal allograft survival in miniature swine.
Academic Article Pediatric liver transplantation at the University of Chicago Hospitals.
Academic Article Risk, prognosis, and unintended consequences in kidney allocation.
Academic Article A K-nearest neighbors survival probability prediction method.
Academic Article Decision making in liver transplantation--limited application of the liver donor risk index.
Academic Article Disclosing Health and Health Behavior Information between Living Donors and Their Recipients.
Academic Article Kidney Donor Profile Index Does Not Accurately Predict the Graft Survival of Pediatric Deceased Donor Kidneys.
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