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Concept Genetic Markers
Academic Article A physical and genetic linkage map of the distal long arm of human chromosome 5.
Academic Article A SNP in the ABCC11 gene is the determinant of human earwax type.
Academic Article Association analysis of genetic variants in IL23R, ATG16L1 and 5p13.1 loci with Crohn's disease in Japanese patients.
Academic Article A genome-wide association study identifies three new risk loci for Kawasaki disease.
Academic Article Physical localization of 70 polymorphic markers to human chromosome 5 by fluorescence in situ hybridization.
Academic Article A genome-wide association study identifies four genetic markers for hematological toxicities in cancer patients receiving gemcitabine therapy.
Academic Article Novel deletion mutations of OPTN in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in Japanese.
Academic Article Meta-analysis identifies nine new loci associated with rheumatoid arthritis in the Japanese population.
Academic Article Lack of association between variations of PDE4D and ischemic stroke in the Japanese population.
Academic Article Polymorphic human insulin-responsive glucose-transporter gene on chromosome 17p13.
Academic Article Correlation of allelic losses and clinicopathological factors in 504 primary breast cancers.
Academic Article Identification of 46 novel SNPs in the 130-kb region containing a myocardial infarction susceptibility gene on chromosomal band 6p21.
Academic Article Inference from the relationships between linkage disequilibrium and allele frequency distributions of 240 candidate SNPs in 109 drug-related genes in four Asian populations.
Academic Article Similarity of the allele frequency and linkage disequilibrium pattern of single nucleotide polymorphisms in drug-related gene loci between Thai and northern East Asian populations: implications for tagging SNP selection in Thais.
Academic Article Identification of a novel non-coding RNA, MIAT, that confers risk of myocardial infarction.
Academic Article Association study of 71 European Crohn's disease susceptibility loci in a Japanese population.
Academic Article Identification of CAG repeat-containing genes expressed in human brain as candidate genes for autosomal dominant spinocerebellar ataxias and other neurodegenerative diseases.
Academic Article Analysis of single-nucleotide polymorphisms in Japanese rheumatoid arthritis patients shows additional susceptibility markers besides the classic shared epitope susceptibility sequences.
Academic Article Gene expression patterns as marker for 5-year postoperative prognosis of primary breast cancers.
Academic Article Pharmacogenomics and drug toxicity.
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