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Concept Estrogen Antagonists
Concept Receptors, Estrogen
Concept Estrogen Receptor Modulators
Concept Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators
Concept Estrogen Receptor alpha
Academic Article Current status of selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs).
Academic Article Beta-blocker use is associated with improved relapse-free survival in patients with triple-negative breast cancer.
Academic Article Glucocorticoid receptor expression in breast cancer associates with older patient age.
Academic Article Activation of the glucocorticoid receptor is associated with poor prognosis in estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer.
Academic Article Serum and glucocorticoid-regulated kinase 1 (SGK1) activation in breast cancer: requirement for mTORC1 activity associates with ER-alpha expression.
Academic Article Consensus statement: Expedition Inspiration fund for breast cancer research meeting 2002.
Academic Article Minireview: nuclear receptors and breast cancer.
Academic Article Glucocorticoid receptor antagonism as a novel therapy for triple-negative breast cancer.
Academic Article Targeting the glucocorticoid receptor in breast and prostate cancers.
Academic Article Mammary Adipose Tissue-Derived Lysophospholipids Promote Estrogen Receptor-Negative Mammary Epithelial Cell Proliferation.
Academic Article GR and ER Coactivation Alters the Expression of Differentiation Genes and Associates with Improved ER+ Breast Cancer Outcome.
Academic Article Racial disparities in omission of oncotype DX but no racial disparities in chemotherapy receipt following completed oncotype DX test results.
Academic Article Discovery of a Glucocorticoid Receptor (GR) Activity Signature Using Selective GR Antagonism in ER-Negative Breast Cancer.
Academic Article Glucocorticoid receptor modulation decreases ER-positive breast cancer cell proliferation and suppresses wild-type and mutant ER chromatin association.
Academic Article Overcoming oncogene addiction in breast and prostate cancers: a comparative mechanistic overview.
Grant Identifying mechanisms linking stress biology to human breast cancer
Grant The role of SGK1 in triple-negative breast cancer resistance to treatment
Grant Estrogen and glucocorticoid receptor crosstalk in ER+ breast
Grant Glucocorticoid receptor-mediated survival signaling in breast cancer
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