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overview Diane S. Lauderdale is Professor and Chair of the Department of Public Health Sciences. She is an epidemiologist whose research examines how behavioral and social factors influence health. Recent work has focused on sleep as a behavioral risk factor. This work includes studies of how people’s perceptions of sleep duration and disruption are related to objective sleep measures, studies of how social factors such as social connectedness and loneliness relate to sleep, and studies of how both sleep perceptions and objective measures are associated with health outcomes, including coronary artery disease, obesity, mortality, cortisol levels, and sensory perception. She found marked racial, socioeconomic, and gender disparities in objective sleep duration and disruption among middle aged adults and demonstrated that self-reported sleep duration is systematically biased relative to objective measures. She has also carried out a series of studies about the health of immigrants to the United States. These includes studies of mortality, pre-immigration influence on late-life health, ethnic enclave variation in health behaviors, and discrimination effects on health. In this area, she demonstrated that Arab American women who gave birth in the months following 9/11, a period of unprecedented violence and discrimination for this group, had worse birth outcomes than similar women giving birth a year earlier, a difference not seen for other racial and ethnic groups. This study provided new evidence of stress effects on birth outcomes. She also directs the MS for Clinical Professionals (MSCP) in Public Health Sciences, a degree program that prepares clinicians to carry out research in clinical epidemiology and health services research.

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Academic Article The expanded racial and ethnic codes in the Medicare data files: their completeness of coverage and accuracy.
Academic Article Life-course predictors of ultrasonic heel measurement in a cross-sectional study of immigrant women from Southeast Asia.
Academic Article Familial determinants of moderate and intense physical activity: a twin study.
Academic Article Bone mineral density and fracture among prevalent kidney stone cases in the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.
Academic Article Receipt of cancer screening procedures among Hispanic and non-Hispanic health maintenance organization members.
Academic Article Cohort effects in a genetically determined trait: eye colour among US whites.
Academic Article Youth targeting by tobacco manufacturers since the Master Settlement Agreement.
Academic Article "Between me and the computer": increased detection of intimate partner violence using a computer questionnaire.
Academic Article Self-reports of stress in Asian immigrants: effects of ethnicity and acculturation.
Academic Article Tuberculosis prevention in Mexican immigrants: limitations of short-course therapy.
Academic Article The unintended impact of welfare reform on the medicaid enrollment of eligible immigrants.
Academic Article Does bone mineralization reflect economic conditions? An examination using a national US sample.
Academic Article Prognostic value of the duke treadmill score in asymptomatic women.
Academic Article Immigrant perceptions of discrimination in health care: the California Health Interview Survey 2003.
Academic Article Birth outcomes for Arabic-named women in California before and after September 11.
Academic Article Differences in self-reported health among Asians, Latinos, and non-Hispanic whites: the role of language and nativity.
Academic Article Sleep duration and overweight in adolescents: self-reported sleep hours versus time diaries.
Academic Article Walking for transportation or leisure: what difference does the neighborhood make?
Academic Article Predictors of patient selection in bariatric surgery.
Academic Article Improving in-hospital cardiac arrest process and outcomes with performance debriefing.
Academic Article Self-reported and measured sleep duration: how similar are they?
Academic Article Income disparities in body mass index and obesity in the United States, 1971-2002.
Academic Article Low rates of colorectal, cervical, and breast cancer screening in Asian Americans compared with non-Hispanic whites: Cultural influences or access to care?
Academic Article Association between sleep and blood pressure in midlife: the CARDIA sleep study.
Academic Article Cross-sectional and longitudinal associations between objectively measured sleep duration and body mass index: the CARDIA Sleep Study.
Academic Article The use of multidisciplinary teams to evaluate bariatric surgery patients: results from a national survey in the U.S.A.
Academic Article Socioeconomic disparity in healthcare-seeking behavior among Chinese Women with genitourinary symptoms.
Academic Article Fundamental cause theory, technological innovation, and health disparities: the case of cholesterol in the era of statins.
Academic Article Validation of an Arab name algorithm in the determination of Arab ancestry for use in health research.
Academic Article Impact of incidental bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy in a family member on breast cancer risk assessment: clinical considerations.
Academic Article Screening tests during prenatal care: does practice follow the evidence?
Academic Article Stability of the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index and the Epworth Sleepiness Questionnaires over 1 year in early middle-aged adults: the CARDIA study.
Academic Article Hospitalizations for acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: how you count matters.
Academic Article Cross-sectional associations between measures of sleep and markers of glucose metabolism among subjects with and without diabetes: the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) Sleep Study.
Academic Article Differential access to digital communication technology: association with health and health survey recruitment within an African-American underserviced urban population.
Academic Article Spectrum of cardiovascular diseases inAsian-American racial/ethnic subgroups.
Academic Article Association between neighborhood context and smoking prevalence among Asian Americans.
Academic Article Trends in the prevalence of short sleepers in the USA: 1975-2006.
Academic Article Knowledge gaps and misconceptions about coronary heart disease among U.S. South Asians.
Academic Article Association of genetic loci with sleep apnea in European Americans and African-Americans: the Candidate Gene Association Resource (CARe).
Academic Article Rising preterm birth rates, 1989-2004: changing demographics or changing obstetric practice?
Academic Article Short sleep duration is associated with carotid intima-media thickness among men in the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) Study.
Academic Article "Why take it if you don't have anything?" breast cancer risk perceptions and prevention choices at a public hospital.
Academic Article Loneliness is associated with sleep fragmentation in a communal society.
Academic Article Short sleep duration and incident coronary artery calcification.
Academic Article Trends in prenatal ultrasound use in the United States: 1995 to 2006.
Academic Article Prenatal care utilization in excess of recommended levels: trends from 1985 to 2004.
Academic Article Prevalence of high-risk indications for influenza vaccine varies by age, race, and income.
Academic Article Evidence of environmental suppression of familial resemblance: height among US Civil War brothers.
Academic Article Body mass index in a US national sample of Asian Americans: effects of nativity, years since immigration and socioeconomic status.
Academic Article Better health while you wait: a controlled trial of a computer-based intervention for screening and health promotion in the emergency department.
Academic Article Impact of interpreter services on delivery of health care to limited-English-proficient patients.
Academic Article Leisure time, non-leisure time, and occupational physical activity in Asian Americans.
Academic Article Trends in bariatric surgical procedures.
Academic Article Widening social inequalities in risk for sudden infant death syndrome.
Academic Article Objectively measured sleep characteristics among early-middle-aged adults: the CARDIA study.
Academic Article Intra-individual daily and yearly variability in actigraphically recorded sleep measures: the CARDIA study.
Academic Article Using name lists to infer Asian racial/ethnic subgroups in the healthcare setting.
Academic Article Medically induced preterm birth and the associations between prenatal care and infant mortality.
Academic Article Sleep duration and all-cause mortality: a critical review of measurement and associations.
Academic Article The economic burden of community-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (CA-MRSA).
Academic Article Ectopic pregnancy rates in the Medicaid population.
Academic Article A national survey of skin infections, care behaviors and MRSA knowledge in the United States.
Academic Article Objective sleep, a novel risk factor for alterations in kidney function: the CARDIA study.
Academic Article Longitudinal associations between objective sleep and lipids: the CARDIA study.
Academic Article Recurrence of group B streptococcus colonization in successive pregnancies.
Academic Article Insomnia symptoms and actigraph-estimated sleep characteristics in a nationally representative sample of older adults.
Academic Article Survey questions about sleep duration: does asking separately about weekdays and weekends matter?
Academic Article Novel loci associated with usual sleep duration: the CHARGE Consortium Genome-Wide Association Study.
Academic Article Sleep behavior and unemployment conditions.
Academic Article Reconsidering the age thresholds for type II diabetes screening in the U.S.
Academic Article Sleep disturbance and longitudinal risk of inflammation: Moderating influences of social integration and social isolation in the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) study.
Academic Article Initiation of treatment for incident diabetes: evidence from the electronic health records in an ambulatory care setting.
Academic Article Marriage, Relationship Quality, and Sleep among U.S. Older Adults.
Academic Article Social participation and older adults' sleep.
Academic Article Sleep duration and health among older adults: associations vary by how sleep is measured.
Academic Article Ectopic pregnancy morbidity and mortality in low-income women, 2004-2008.
Academic Article Impact of Common Diabetes Risk Variant in MTNR1B on Sleep, Circadian, and Melatonin Physiology.
Academic Article Sleep Duration and White Matter Quality in Middle-Aged Adults.
Academic Article Life Expectancy Among U.S.-born and Foreign-born Older Adults in the United States: Estimates From Linked Social Security and Medicare Data.
Academic Article Sex-Specific and Time-Varying Associations Between Cigarette Smoking and Telomere Length Among Older Adults.
Academic Article Pre-pregnancy and Early Prenatal Care are Associated with Lower Risk of Ectopic Pregnancy Complications in the Medicaid Population: 2004-08.
Academic Article Electronic Syndromic Surveillance for Influenza-Like Illness Across Treatment Settings.
Academic Article Measuring Physical Activity with Hip Accelerometry among U.S. Older Adults: How Many Days Are Enough?
Academic Article Sleep Characteristics and Daytime Cortisol Levels in Older Adults.
Academic Article Work Disability Among Native-born and Foreign-born Americans: On Origins, Health, and Social Safety Nets.
Academic Article Cognitive Function, Consent for Participation, and Compliance With Wearable Device Protocols in Older Adults.
Academic Article A Longitudinal Examination of Factors Associated with Network Bridging Among YMSM: Implications for HIV Prevention.
Academic Article Sleep and Olfaction among Older Adults.
Academic Article Associations of Sleep Characteristics With Cognitive Function and Decline Among Older Adults.
Academic Article ChicagO Multiethnic Prevention and Surveillance Study (COMPASS): Increased Response Rates Among African American Residents in Low Socioeconomic Status Neighborhoods.
Academic Article Associations of loneliness and social isolation with actigraph and self-reported sleep quality in a national sample of older adults.
Academic Article U.S. trends in elective and emergent major abdominal surgical procedures from 2002 to 2014 in older adults.

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