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Concept Ethics
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Concept Ethics Committees
Concept Codes of Ethics
Concept Ethics Consultation
Concept Ethics, Clinical
Concept Ethics Committees, Clinical
Academic Article What's so special about medicine?
Academic Article Informed consent in emergency medicine: ethics under fire.
Academic Article Ethics education for medical house officers: long-term improvements in knowledge and confidence.
Academic Article Strategies to promote the use of advance directives in a residency outpatient practice.
Academic Article Managed care and the new medical paternalism.
Academic Article Do the ward notes reflect the quality of end-of-life care?
Academic Article Spondyloptotic fracture of the cervical spine in a pregnant, anemic Jehovah's Witness: technical and ethical considerations. Case report.
Academic Article The rule of double effect: clearing up the double talk.
Academic Article Cancer, managed care, and therapeutic research: an ethicist's view.
Academic Article Physicians, cost control, and ethics.
Academic Article Lying for patients: physician deception of third-party payers.
Academic Article End-of-life decision making: when patients and surrogates disagree.
Academic Article Religion, spirituality, and health care: social, ethical, and practical considerations.
Academic Article Killing and allowing to die: another look.
Academic Article Commentary: double effect--intention is the solution, not the problem.
Academic Article Is medicine a spiritual practice?
Academic Article Physicians' ethical beliefs about cost-control arrangements.
Academic Article The call of the sirens: ethically navigating the sea of nonvalidated therapies.
Academic Article By whose authority? Emerging issues in medical ethics.
Academic Article Do the bishops have it right on health care reform?
Academic Article Death and human dignity.
Academic Article The quality of mercy. Caring for patients with 'do not resuscitate' orders.
Academic Article Appearance and morality: ethics and otolaryngology-head and neck surgery.
Academic Article Should medical schools be schools for virtue?
Academic Article On warning families about genetic risk: the ghost of Tarasoff.
Academic Article Physician-assisted suicide.
Academic Article On the current state of clinical ethics.
Academic Article Four views of managed care ethics. Panel discussion.
Academic Article "Diseases and natural kinds".
Academic Article Terri Schiavo and the Roman Catholic tradition of forgoing extraordinary means of care.
Academic Article Ethics in practice: managed care and the changing health care environment: medicine as a profession managed care ethics working group statement.
Academic Article Bioethics, conflicts of interest, & the limits of transparency.
Academic Article Promethean medicine: spirituality, stem cells, and cloning.
Academic Article Medical house officers' knowledge, attitudes, and confidence regarding medical ethics.
Academic Article Beliefs and attitudes of nurses and physicians about do not resuscitate orders and who should speak to patients and families about them.
Academic Article Deliberative Democracy and stem cell research in New York State: the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Academic Article Confidence and knowledge of medical ethics among interns entering residency in different specialties.
Academic Article High quality care and ethical pay-for-performance: a Society of General Internal Medicine policy analysis.
Academic Article Are withholding and withdrawing therapy always morally equivalent?
Academic Article Ethics, economics, and the publication policies of major medical journals.
Academic Article What research participants want to know about genetic research results: the impact of "genetic exceptionalism".
Academic Article Patients' perceptions of the quality of informed consent for common medical procedures.
Academic Article Creating a dignified option: ethical considerations in the formulation of prehospital DNR protocol.
Academic Article Knowledge, confidence, and attitudes regarding medical ethics: how do faculty and housestaff compare?
Academic Article Ethical considerations.
Academic Article Physicians' confidence in discussing do not resuscitate orders with patients and surrogates.
Academic Article Decision-making in patients with advanced cancer compared with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Academic Article Researchers' preferences and attitudes on ethical aspects of genomics research: a comparative study between the USA and Spain.
Academic Article Speaking of the value of life.
Academic Article Implementation of DNR orders in the Department of Medicine, the Johns Hopkins Hospital.
Academic Article Futility and the varieties of medical judgment.
Academic Article A computerized system for entering orders to limit treatment: implementation and evaluation.
Academic Article Long-term effects of ethics education on the quality of care for patients who have do-not-resuscitate orders.
Academic Article The preparedness of students to discuss end-of-life issues with patients.
Academic Article What is an oath and why should a physician swear one?
Academic Article A randomized trial of ethics education for medical house officers.
Academic Article Emergency contraception for women who have been raped: must catholics test for ovulation, or is testing for pregnancy morally sufficient?
Academic Article Within you/without you: biotechnology, ontology, and ethics.
Academic Article Edmund Pellegrino's philosophy and ethics of medicine: an overview.
Academic Article Ethos, mythos, and thanatos: spirituality and ethics at the end of life.
Academic Article Eleanor Roosevelt's last days: a bioethical case study.
Academic Article Moral status, justice, and the common morality: challenges for the principlist account of moral change.
Academic Article On substituted arguments.
Academic Article Justice, Courage, and Truthfulness: Virtues That Medical Trainees Can and Must Learn.
Academic Article Tolerance, Professional Judgment, and the Discretionary Space of the Physician.
Academic Article Physician-Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia in the ICU: A Dialogue on Core Ethical Issues.
Academic Article Sedation and care at the end of life.
Academic Article Context and scale: Distinctions for improving debates about physician "rationing".
Academic Article Variations in Unrealistic Optimism Between Acceptors and Decliners of Early Phase Cancer Trials.
Academic Article Perceptions of control and unrealistic optimism in early-phase cancer trials.
Academic Article Death and dignity in Catholic Christian thought.
Academic Article Ethical Principles, Process, and the Work of Bioethics Commissions.
Academic Article Physician-Assisted Suicide: Against Medical Neutrality.
Academic Article Why the Common-Sense Distinction between Killing and Allowing-to-Die Is So Easy to Grasp but So Hard to Explain.
Academic Article Unlike Diamonds, Defibrillators Aren't Forever: Why It Is Sometimes Ethical to Deactivate Cardiac Implantable Electrical Devices.
Academic Article Whole-brain death and integration: realigning the ontological concept with clinical diagnostic tests.
Academic Article Conscience, tolerance, and pluralism in health care.
Academic Article Are SARS-CoV-2 Human Challenge Trials Ethical?
Academic Article Ethics and Evidence.
Academic Article End-of-life practices: An ethical framework for clinicians.
Academic Article Drugs, delirium, and ethics at the end of life.
Academic Article Reply to: Frailty and ethics at the end of life: The importance of a comprehensive assessment.
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