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Concept Magnetics
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Concept Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Concept Magnetic Resonance Angiography
Academic Article Myocardial delayed enhancement imaging using inversion recovery single-shot steady-state free precession: initial experience.
Academic Article Kidneys in hypertensive rats show reduced response to nitric oxide synthase inhibition as evaluated by BOLD MRI.
Academic Article Evaluation of intrarenal oxygenation by BOLD MRI at 3.0 T.
Academic Article First-pass contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography in humans using ferumoxytol, a novel ultrasmall superparamagnetic iron oxide (USPIO)-based blood pool agent.
Academic Article Effect of free radical scavenger (tempol) on intrarenal oxygenation in hypertensive rats as evaluated by BOLD MRI.
Academic Article Magnetic resonance imaging of myocardial infarction using a manganese-based contrast agent (EVP 1001-1): preliminary results in a dog model.
Academic Article Three-dimensional delayed gadolinium-enhanced MRI of cartilage (dGEMRIC) at 1.5T and 3.0T.
Academic Article Evaluation of intrarenal oxygenation in mice by BOLD MRI on a 3.0T human whole-body scanner.
Academic Article Evaluation of the reproducibility of intrarenal R2* and DeltaR2* measurements following administration of furosemide and during waterload.
Academic Article Feasibility of blood oxygenation level-dependent MR imaging to monitor hepatic transcatheter arterial embolization in rabbits.
Academic Article Early changes with diabetes in renal medullary hemodynamics as evaluated by fiberoptic probes and BOLD magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Evaluation of renal hypoxia in diabetic mice by BOLD MRI.
Academic Article Functional MRI of liver using BOLD MRI: effect of glucose.
Academic Article Accuracy of T1 measurement with 3-D Look-Locker technique for dGEMRIC.
Academic Article Intrarenal oxygenation by blood oxygenation level-dependent MRI in contrast nephropathy model: effect of the viscosity and dose.
Academic Article Delayed contrast enhanced MRI of meniscus with ionic and non-ionic agents.
Academic Article Renal oxygenation changes during water loading as evaluated by BOLD MRI: effect of NOS inhibition.
Academic Article MR assessment of left ventricular function: quantitative comparison of fast imaging employing steady-state acquisition (FIESTA) with fast gradient echo cine technique.
Academic Article Evaluation of intrarenal oxygenation at 3.0 T using 3-dimensional multiple gradient-recalled echo sequence.
Academic Article Blood oxygen level-dependent MR imaging of the kidneys.
Academic Article Effect of nitric oxide synthase inhibition on intrarenal oxygenation as evaluated by blood oxygenation level-dependent magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Sensitivity of USPIO-enhanced R2 imaging to dynamic blood volume changes in the rat kidney.
Academic Article Denuded subchondral bone and knee pain in persons with knee osteoarthritis.
Academic Article Delayed contrast-enhanced MRI of cartilage: comparison of nonionic and ionic contrast agents.
Academic Article Variable flip angle-based fast three-dimensional T1 mapping for delayed gadolinium-enhanced MRI of cartilage of the knee: need for B1 correction.
Academic Article Within-subregion relationship between bone marrow lesions and subsequent cartilage loss in knee osteoarthritis.
Academic Article Full-limb and knee radiography assessments of varus-valgus alignment and their relationship to osteoarthritis disease features by magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Evaluation of intra-renal oxygenation by BOLD MRI.
Academic Article Evaluation of iron content in human cerebral cavernous malformation using quantitative susceptibility mapping.
Academic Article Subregional effects of meniscal tears on cartilage loss over 2 years in knee osteoarthritis.
Academic Article Radiology imaging of renal structure and function by computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasound.
Academic Article Renal perfusion imaging with two-dimensional navigator gated arterial spin labeling.
Academic Article Band artifacts due to bulk motion.
Academic Article Computing oxygen-enhanced ventilation maps using correlation analysis.
Academic Article Towards non-invasive diagnostic imaging of early-stage Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Effect of iodinated contrast medium in diabetic rat kidneys as evaluated by blood-oxygenation-level-dependent magnetic resonance imaging and urinary neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin.
Academic Article Varus-valgus alignment: reduced risk of subsequent cartilage loss in the less loaded compartment.
Academic Article Longitudinal changes in MRI markers in a reversible unilateral ureteral obstruction mouse model: preliminary experience.
Academic Article New magnetic resonance imaging methods in nephrology.
Academic Article Simultaneous magnetic resonance gadolinium-enhanced 2D perfusion and 3D angiographic imaging.
Academic Article Delayed gadolinium-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging of cartilage in knee osteoarthritis: findings at different radiographic stages of disease and relationship to malalignment.
Academic Article Functional magnetic resonance imaging of the kidney.
Academic Article Sensitivity of arterial spin labeling perfusion MRI to pharmacologically induced perfusion changes in rat kidneys.
Academic Article Dark flow artifacts with steady-state free precession cine MR technique: causes and implications for cardiac MR imaging.
Academic Article Preliminary evaluation of EVP 1001-1: a new cardiac-specific magnetic resonance contrast agent with kinetics suitable for steady-state imaging of the ischemic heart.
Academic Article Evaluation of intrarenal oxygenation in iodinated contrast-induced acute kidney injury-susceptible rats by blood oxygen level-dependent magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Efficacy of preventive interventions for iodinated contrast-induced acute kidney injury evaluated by intrarenal oxygenation as an early marker.
Academic Article Functional MRI of the kidney: tools for translational studies of pathophysiology of renal disease.
Academic Article Renal artery stenosis in swine: feasibility of MR assessment of renal function during percutaneous transluminal angioplasty.
Academic Article Three-dimensional T1 mapping for dGEMRIC at 3.0 T using the Look Locker method.
Academic Article Multi-Parametric Evaluation of Chronic Kidney Disease by MRI: A Preliminary Cross-Sectional Study.
Academic Article Renal Blood Oxygenation Level-Dependent Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Sensitive and Objective Analysis.
Academic Article Engineered Theranostic Magnetic Nanostructures: Role of Composition and Surface Coating on Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast and Thermal Activation.
Academic Article Effect of diabetes on renal medullary oxygenation during water diuresis.
Academic Article BOLD quantified renal pO2 is sensitive to pharmacological challenges in rats.
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