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Concept Propofol
Academic Article Assessing the behavioral effects and abuse potential of propofol bolus injections in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Propofol at a subanesthetic dose may have abuse potential in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Awakening, clinical recovery, and psychomotor effects after desflurane and propofol anesthesia.
Academic Article Propofol at conscious sedation doses produces mild analgesia to cold pressor-induced pain in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Clinical recovery and psychomotor function after brief anesthesia with propofol or thiopental.
Academic Article Subjective and psychomotor effects of subanesthetic doses of propofol in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Randomized comparison of recovery after propofol-nitrous oxide versus thiopentone-isoflurane-nitrous oxide anaesthesia in patients undergoing ambulatory surgery.
Academic Article The initial clinical experience of 1819 physicians in maintaining anesthesia with propofol: characteristics associated with prolonged time to awakening.
Academic Article Effects on recovery when isoflurane is used to supplement propofol-nitrous oxide anesthesia.
Academic Article Adverse events in a multicenter phase IV study of propofol: evaluation by anesthesiologists and postanesthesia care unit nurses.
Academic Article Phase IV study of propofol: validation of the data set.
Academic Article Objective and subjective impairment from often-used sedative/analgesic combinations in ambulatory surgery, using alcohol as a benchmark.
Academic Article Using alcohol as a standard to assess the degree of impairment induced by sedative and analgesic drugs used in ambulatory surgery.
Academic Article Hemodynamic effects of propofol: data from over 25,000 patients.
Academic Article How do anesthesiologists select patients when introducing a new drug into practice?
Academic Article Randomized comparison of outcome after propofol-nitrous oxide or enflurane-nitrous oxide anaesthesia in operations of long duration.
Academic Article In reply.
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