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Academic Article Compensating for delays in brain-machine interfaces by decoding intended future movement.
Academic Article Improving brain-machine interface performance by decoding intended future movements.
Academic Article Stable online control of an electrocorticographic brain-computer interface using a static decoder.
Academic Article Multi-modal decoding: longitudinal coherency changes between spike trains, local field potentials and electrocorticogram signals.
Academic Article Consideration of the functional relationship between cortex and motor periphery improves offline decoding performance.
Academic Article Differences in motor cortical representations of kinematic variables between action observation and action execution and implications for brain-machine interfaces.
Academic Article Ultra-long term stability of single units using chronically implanted multielectrode arrays.
Academic Article Online adaptive decoding of intended movements with a hybrid kinetic and kinematic brain machine interface.
Academic Article Causal network in a deafferented non-human primate brain.
Academic Article Comparing offline decoding performance in physiologically defined neuronal classes.
Academic Article Histological evaluation of a chronically-implanted electrocorticographic electrode grid in a non-human primate.
Academic Article Changes in cortical network connectivity with long-term brain-machine interface exposure after chronic amputation.
Academic Article Emergent coordination underlying learning to reach to grasp with a brain-machine interface.
Academic Article Propagating spatiotemporal activity patterns across macaque motor cortex carry kinematic information.
Concept Brain-Computer Interfaces
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