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Concept Electrodes, Implanted
Academic Article Exploiting multiple sensory modalities in brain-machine interfaces.
Academic Article Single-unit stability using chronically implanted multielectrode arrays.
Academic Article The science of neural interface systems.
Academic Article Fast and slow oscillations in human primary motor cortex predict oncoming behaviorally relevant cues.
Academic Article Statistical assessment of the stability of neural movement representations.
Academic Article Microelectrode array fabrication by electrical discharge machining and chemical etching.
Academic Article Improving brain-machine interface performance by decoding intended future movements.
Academic Article Stable online control of an electrocorticographic brain-computer interface using a static decoder.
Academic Article Differences in motor cortical representations of kinematic variables between action observation and action execution and implications for brain-machine interfaces.
Academic Article Ultra-long term stability of single units using chronically implanted multielectrode arrays.
Academic Article Histological evaluation of a chronically-implanted electrocorticographic electrode grid in a non-human primate.
Academic Article Dynamics of motor cortical activity during naturalistic feeding behavior.
Academic Article Chronic wireless neural population recordings with common marmosets.
Academic Article Longevity and reliability of chronic unit recordings using the Utah, intracortical multi-electrode arrays.
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