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Concept Constriction, Pathologic
Concept Tracheal Stenosis
Academic Article Pseudomembranous aspergillus tracheobronchitis superimposed on post-tuberculosis tracheal stenosis.
Academic Article Morphometric bronchoscopy in adults with central airway obstruction: case illustrations and review of the literature.
Academic Article Interventional bronchoscopy from bench to bedside: new techniques for central and peripheral airway obstruction.
Academic Article Multimodality bronchoscopic imaging of recurrent respiratory papillomatosis.
Academic Article Novel multimodality imaging and physiologic assessments clarify choke-point physiology and airway wall structure in expiratory central airway collapse.
Academic Article Multimodal imaging guidance for laser ablation in tracheal stenosis.
Academic Article Combined optical coherence tomography and endobronchial ultrasonography for laser-assisted treatment of postintubation laryngotracheal stenosis.
Academic Article Subjective assessment using still bronchoscopic images misclassifies airway narrowing in laryngotracheal stenosis.
Academic Article Central Airway Obstruction: Benign Strictures, Tracheobronchomalacia, and Malignancy-related Obstruction.
Academic Article Multi-disciplinary management of patients with benign airway strictures: A review.
Academic Article The role of bronchoscopy in the multidisciplinary approach to benign tracheal stenosis.
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