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Concept Physician-Patient Relations
Academic Article Doctor-patient communication and medical malpractice: implications for pediatricians.
Academic Article A study of patient clues and physician responses in primary care and surgical settings.
Academic Article In context: physician-patient communication and managed care.
Academic Article Communication between surgeons and patients in routine office visits.
Academic Article Resolving disagreements in the patient-physician relationship: tools for improving communication in managed care.
Academic Article Recruiting physicians for office-based research.
Academic Article Patient-physician communication as organizational innovation in the managed care setting.
Academic Article To change or not to change: "Sounds like you have a dilemma".
Academic Article Patient-provider discussions about conflicts of interest in managed care: physicians' perceptions.
Academic Article Evaluating surgeons' informed decision making skills: pilot test using a videoconferenced standardised patient.
Academic Article Resuscitating the physician-patient relationship: emergency department communication in an academic medical center.
Academic Article Teaching the psychosocial aspects of care in the clinical setting: practical recommendations.
Academic Article The effect of physician disclosure of financial incentives on trust.
Academic Article How much do surgeons like their patients?
Academic Article Factors that predict better informed consent.
Academic Article A trial of disclosing physicians' financial incentives to patients.
Academic Article How surgeons disclose medical errors to patients: a study using standardized patients.
Academic Article When most doctors are women: what lies ahead?
Academic Article The attitudes and experiences of trainees regarding disclosing medical errors to patients.
Academic Article "It's not what you say ...": racial disparities in communication between orthopedic surgeons and patients.
Academic Article Disclosing medical errors to patients: a status report in 2007.
Academic Article Does doctor-patient communication affect patient satisfaction with hospital care? Results of an analysis with a novel instrumental variable.
Academic Article Do patients' communication behaviors provide insight into their preferences for participation in decision making?
Academic Article "Surgery is certainly one good option": quality and time-efficiency of informed decision-making in surgery.
Academic Article Disclosing errors that affect multiple patients.
Academic Article Disclosing medical errors to patients: a challenge for health care professionals and institutions.
Academic Article Are physicians ready for patients with Internet-based health information?
Academic Article How trainees would disclose medical errors: educational implications for training programmes.
Academic Article Lost opportunities: how physicians communicate about medical errors.
Academic Article Computer-assisted screening for intimate partner violence and control: a randomized trial.
Academic Article Not all patients want to participate in decision making. A national study of public preferences.
Academic Article Informed decision-making in elective major vascular surgery: analysis of 145 surgeon-patient consultations.
Academic Article Skills of internal medicine residents in disclosing medical errors: a study using standardized patients.
Academic Article Surgeons' tone of voice: a clue to malpractice history.
Academic Article Is physician self-disclosure related to patient evaluation of office visits?
Academic Article What do physicians tell patients about themselves? A qualitative analysis of physician self-disclosure.
Academic Article Older patients' unexpressed concerns about orthopaedic surgery.
Academic Article Patient-physician communication: it's about time.
Academic Article New elements for informed decision making: a qualitative study of older adults' views.
Academic Article Physicians with multiple patient complaints: ending our silence.
Academic Article A systematic review of surgeon-patient communication: strengths and opportunities for improvement.
Academic Article Engaging physicians and patients in conversations about unnecessary tests and procedures: Choosing Wisely Canada.
Academic Article Paid not to refer?
Academic Article Back to the future: Can conversation analysis be used to judge physicians' malpractice history?
Academic Article Choosing wisely Canada: integrating stewardship in medical education.
Academic Article Professional Boundaries.
Academic Article Measuring the effect of Choosing Wisely: an integrated framework to assess campaign impact on low-value care.
Academic Article Learning Through Experience: Influence of Formal and Informal Training on Medical Error Disclosure Skills in Residents.

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