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Concept Iliac Vein
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Concept Jugular Veins
Concept Saphenous Vein
Concept Mesenteric Veins
Concept Portal Vein
Concept Pulmonary Veins
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Concept Veins
Academic Article Extrahepatic portal vein stenosis in recipients of living-donor allografts: Doppler sonography.
Academic Article Are routine chest radiographs necessary after image-guided placement of internal jugular central venous access devices?
Academic Article Interventional radiologic placement of chest wall ports: use of the internal jugular vein approach.
Academic Article Use of stents for angioplasty-induced venous rupture.
Academic Article Re: long-term follow-up of upper extremity implanted venous access devices in oncology patients.
Academic Article Wallstent deployment to salvage dialysis graft thrombolysis complicated by venous rupture: early and intermediate results.
Academic Article Radiologic placement of subcutaneous infusion chest ports for long-term central venous access.
Academic Article Radiologic placement of tunneled hemodialysis catheters in occluded neck, chest, or small thyrocervical collateral veins in central venous occlusion.
Academic Article Re: Peripheral venous access ports: outcomes analysis in 109 patients.
Academic Article Radiologic placement of long-term hemodialysis catheters in occluded jugular or subclavian veins or through patent thyrocervical collateral veins.
Academic Article Angioplasty and bolus urokinase infusion for the restoration of function in thrombosed Brescia-Cimino dialysis fistulas.
Academic Article Exchange of poorly functioning tunneled permanent hemodialysis catheters.
Academic Article Treatment of venous outflow stenoses in thigh grafts with Wallstents.
Academic Article Direct MR venography of persistent sciatic vein in a patient with Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber syndrome.
Academic Article Using pullback pressure measurements to identify venous stenoses persisting after successful angioplasty in failing hemodialysis grafts.
Academic Article Subcutaneous chest ports via the internal jugular vein. A retrospective study of 117 oncology patients.
Academic Article Re: Use of an Amplatz Goose Neck Snare as a target for collateral neck vein dialysis catheter placement.
Academic Article Functioning dialysis fistulae.
Academic Article Balloon dilatation of a distal splenorenal shunt in a child.
Academic Article Conversion of non-tunneled to tunneled hemodialysis catheters.
Academic Article Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt placement in patients with cirrhosis and concomitant portal vein thrombosis.
Academic Article Removal of G√ľnther Tulip vena cava filter through femoral vein approach.
Academic Article Percutaneous mural fenestration and angioplasty for the treatment of a refractory hemodialysis-related venous stenosis.
Academic Article Use of retrievable filters in alternative common iliac vein location in high-risk surgical patients.
Academic Article Inferior vena cava filter malposition in a paraspinal vein.
Academic Article Portal vein dilatation in the liver transplant recipient.
Academic Article Characteristic differences in cephalic arch geometry for diabetic and non-diabetic ESRD patients.
Academic Article Portal vein stenosis in children with segmental liver transplants: treatment with percutaneous transhepatic venoplasty.
Academic Article Clinical quiz: Interventional radiology in diagnostic imaging.
Academic Article Angioplasty treatment of portal vein stenosis in children with segmental liver transplants: mid-term results.
Academic Article Re: Placement of long-term central venous catheters in outpatients.
Academic Article Experience with tunneled femoral hemodialysis catheters.
Academic Article Percutaneous treatment of portal venous stenosis in children and adolescents with segmental hepatic transplants: long-term results.
Academic Article Long-term venous complications after full-size and segmental pediatric liver transplantation.
Academic Article Cephalic arch stenosis in patients with fistula access for hemodialysis: relationship to diabetes and thrombosis.
Academic Article Unconventional central access: catheter insertion in collateral or in recanalized veins.
Academic Article Effectiveness of collateral vein embolization for salvage of immature native arteriovenous fistulas.
Academic Article Characterization of the cephalic arch and location of stenosis.
Academic Article Hemodynamics in the cephalic arch of a brachiocephalic fistula.
Academic Article Combined pharmacomechanical thrombolysis of complete portomesenteric thrombosis in a liver transplant recipient.
Academic Article Complications and Retrieval Data of Vena Cava Filters Based on Specific Infrarenal Location.
Academic Article A cohort study showing correspondence of low wall shear stress and cephalic arch stenosis in brachiocephalic arteriovenous fistula access.
Academic Article Pulmonary Arteriovenous Malformation Embolization: So Much Left to Learn.
Academic Article Concomitant Lower-Extremity Deep Vein Thrombosis in Patients With Pulmonary Embolism Undergoing Catheter-Directed Therapy.
Academic Article Further Consideration Required for Pulmonary Arteriovenous Malformations.
Academic Article Preliminary Experience with a Low-Profile High-Density Braid Occluder for Transcatheter Embolization of Pulmonary Arteriovenous Malformations.
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