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Concept Colonoscopy
Academic Article Increased cumulative incidence of prostate malignancies in colorectal cancer patients.
Academic Article Colon cancer screening: the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Academic Article Purging the colon while preserving the kidneys.
Academic Article Moving toward personalization of colorectal cancer screening: Comment on "Influence of race and sex on prevalence and recurrence of colon polyps".
Academic Article Association between rectal optical signatures and colonic neoplasia: potential applications for screening.
Academic Article Sex-specific prevalence of adenomas and colorectal cancer.
Academic Article Light-scattering technologies for field carcinogenesis detection: a modality for endoscopic prescreening.
Academic Article In vivo measurement of the shape of the tissue-refractive-index correlation function and its application to detection of colorectal field carcinogenesis.
Academic Article Surveillance for gastrointestinal malignancies.
Academic Article Spectral slope from the endoscopically-normal mucosa predicts concurrent colonic neoplasia: a pilot ex-vivo clinical study.
Academic Article Colonoscopy and optical biopsy: bridging technological advances to clinical practice.
Academic Article Decreased colorectal cancer and adenoma risk in patients with microscopic colitis.
Academic Article Colorectal cancer risk: black, white, or shades of gray?
Academic Article Nano-architectural alterations in mucus layer fecal colonocytes in field carcinogenesis: potential for screening.
Academic Article Correlating colorectal cancer risk with field carcinogenesis progression using partial wave spectroscopic microscopy.
Grant Improving colonoscopic miss rate by real time microvascular blood analysis
Grant Area B: Minimally Intrusive Colorectal Cancer Risk Stratification with Nanocytology: Targeting Underscreened Populations
Grant Towards Development of an in vitro Assay to Personalize Colonic Chemoprevention
Grant Transforming Colorectal Cancer Screening through Multimodal Spectral Markers
Grant Nanocytological Fecal Assessment to Personalize Colonoscopic Surveillance
Grant Spectral Markers for Early Detection of Colon Neoplasia
Grant Improving Flexible Sigmoidoscopy in Women by Optical Analysis of Microvasculature
Grant Nanoscale/Molecular analysis of Fecal Colonocytes for Colorectal Cancer Screening
Academic Article Early screening of colorectal cancer using feature engineering with artificial intelligence-enhanced analysis of nanoscale chromatin modifications.
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