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Concept Computer Simulation
Academic Article Dynamics of hydrogen bond desolvation in protein folding.
Academic Article Large-scale context in protein folding: villin headpiece.
Academic Article Investigations into sequence and conformational dependence of backbone entropy, inter-basin dynamics and the Flory isolated-pair hypothesis for peptides.
Academic Article Methods for the accurate estimation of confidence intervals on protein folding phi-values.
Academic Article RNA folding during transcription.
Academic Article Folding of a universal ribozyme: the ribonuclease P RNA.
Academic Article Quantifying the structural requirements of the folding transition state of protein A and other systems.
Academic Article Psi-constrained simulations of protein folding transition states: implications for calculating.
Academic Article Polypeptide motions are dominated by peptide group oscillations resulting from dihedral angle correlations between nearest neighbors.
Academic Article Small proteins fold through transition states with native-like topologies.
Academic Article Modeling large regions in proteins: applications to loops, termini, and folding.
Academic Article Early collapse is not an obligate step in protein folding.
Academic Article Differences in the folding transition state of ubiquitin indicated by phi and psi analyses.
Academic Article Minimalist representations and the importance of nearest neighbor effects in protein folding simulations.
Academic Article Cooperative folding near the downhill limit determined with amino acid resolution by hydrogen exchange.
Academic Article Trajectory-based training enables protein simulations with accurate folding and Boltzmann ensembles in cpu-hours.

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