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Concept Hydrogen Bonding
Academic Article Hydrogen exchange: the modern legacy of Linderstr?m-Lang.
Academic Article Trifluoroethanol promotes helix formation by destabilizing backbone exposure: desolvation rather than native hydrogen bonding defines the kinetic pathway of dimeric coiled coil folding.
Academic Article D/H amide kinetic isotope effects reveal when hydrogen bonds form during protein folding.
Academic Article Dynamics of hydrogen bond desolvation in protein folding.
Academic Article Large-scale context in protein folding: villin headpiece.
Academic Article Contribution of hydrogen bonding to protein stability estimated from isotope effects.
Academic Article Understanding protein hydrogen bond formation with kinetic H/D amide isotope effects.
Academic Article Quantifying the structural requirements of the folding transition state of protein A and other systems.
Academic Article Barrier-limited, microsecond folding of a stable protein measured with hydrogen exchange: Implications for downhill folding.
Academic Article Psi-constrained simulations of protein folding transition states: implications for calculating.
Academic Article On docking, scoring and assessing protein-DNA complexes in a rigid-body framework.
Academic Article Protein folding intermediates: native-state hydrogen exchange.
Academic Article Minimalist representations and the importance of nearest neighbor effects in protein folding simulations.
Academic Article Benchmarking all-atom simulations using hydrogen exchange.
Academic Article Cooperative folding near the downhill limit determined with amino acid resolution by hydrogen exchange.
Academic Article Introduction of a polar core into the de novo designed protein Top7.
Academic Article Perplexing cooperative folding and stability of a low-sequence complexity, polyproline 2 protein lacking a hydrophobic core.
Academic Article A Membrane Burial Potential with H-Bonds and Applications to Curved Membranes and Fast Simulations.
Academic Article Water as a Good Solvent for Unfolded Proteins: Folding and Collapse are Fundamentally Different.
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