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keywords Simulations, Molecular Dynamics
overview My research program involves synergistic studies of protein folding and design, protein-RNA interactions, phosphorylation, signaling, and function with both experimental and computational components. The research is based on the premise that rigorous and innovative studies of basic processes have broad implications in many areas of biological research. My lab employs a range of experimental and computational methods including hydrogen exchange (HX), NMR, small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS), rapid mixing methods, mass spectrometry, molecular dynamics and home-grown coarse-grain folding simulations and modeling. I am a very a strong believer in collaboration, having co-mentored over twenty students and post-doctoral fellows who produce over 60 papers in the last 20 years. I have a history of developing multi-approaches to bear on a problem. Since my Ph.D. in low temperature physics in 1989, I have entered many different areas, including delineating protein and RNA folding pathways and denatured states, de novo structure prediction, and the design of light-sensitive allosteric proteins.

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Concept Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Academic Article New era of molecular structure and dynamics from solution scattering experiments.
Academic Article Modeling the hydration layer around proteins: applications to small- and wide-angle x-ray scattering.
Academic Article De novo prediction of protein folding pathways and structure using the principle of sequential stabilization.
Academic Article The folding transition state of protein L is extensive with nonnative interactions (and not small and polarized).
Academic Article Modeling the hydration layer around proteins: HyPred.
Academic Article The amino-terminal helix modulates light-activated conformational changes in AsLOV2.
Academic Article Simplified protein models: predicting folding pathways and structure using amino acid sequences.
Academic Article Ionic strength independence of charge distributions in solvation of biomolecules.
Academic Article A novel implicit solvent model for simulating the molecular dynamics of RNA.
Academic Article Even with nonnative interactions, the updated folding transition states of the homologs Proteins G & L are extensive and similar.
Academic Article A Membrane Burial Potential with H-Bonds and Applications to Curved Membranes and Fast Simulations.
Academic Article Trajectory-based training enables protein simulations with accurate folding and Boltzmann ensembles in cpu-hours.
Academic Article Accurate calculation of side chain packing and free energy with applications to protein molecular dynamics.
Academic Article On the Interpretation of Force-Induced Unfolding Studies of Membrane Proteins Using Fast Simulations.

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