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Concept Protein Structure, Secondary
Academic Article Hydrogen exchange: the modern legacy of Linderstrøm-Lang.
Academic Article PAS domain receptor photoactive yellow protein is converted to a molten globule state upon activation.
Academic Article Viscosity dependence of the folding kinetics of a dimeric and monomeric coiled coil.
Academic Article Trifluoroethanol promotes helix formation by destabilizing backbone exposure: desolvation rather than native hydrogen bonding defines the kinetic pathway of dimeric coiled coil folding.
Academic Article D/H amide kinetic isotope effects reveal when hydrogen bonds form during protein folding.
Academic Article Transition state heterogeneity in GCN4 coiled coil folding studied by using multisite mutations and crosslinking.
Academic Article Entropic benefit of a cross-link in protein association.
Academic Article Distinguishing foldable proteins from nonfolders: when and how do they differ?
Academic Article Large-scale context in protein folding: villin headpiece.
Academic Article D/H amide isotope effect in model alpha-helical peptides.
Academic Article Understanding protein hydrogen bond formation with kinetic H/D amide isotope effects.
Academic Article Fast folding of a helical protein initiated by the collision of unstructured chains.
Academic Article The highly cooperative folding of small naturally occurring proteins is likely the result of natural selection.
Academic Article Random-coil behavior and the dimensions of chemically unfolded proteins.
Academic Article Kinetic barriers and the role of topology in protein and RNA folding.
Academic Article Light-activated DNA binding in a designed allosteric protein.
Academic Article Small proteins fold through transition states with native-like topologies.
Academic Article Reduced C(beta) statistical potentials can outperform all-atom potentials in decoy identification.
Academic Article De novo prediction of protein folding pathways and structure using the principle of sequential stabilization.
Academic Article Helix, sheet, and polyproline II frequencies and strong nearest neighbor effects in a restricted coil library.
Academic Article Protein folding intermediates: native-state hydrogen exchange.
Academic Article Early collapse is not an obligate step in protein folding.
Academic Article Statistical coil model of the unfolded state: resolving the reconciliation problem.
Academic Article Minimalist representations and the importance of nearest neighbor effects in protein folding simulations.
Academic Article Mimicking the folding pathway to improve homology-free protein structure prediction.
Academic Article The amino-terminal helix modulates light-activated conformational changes in AsLOV2.
Academic Article Loss of conformational entropy in protein folding calculated using realistic ensembles and its implications for NMR-based calculations.
Academic Article Even with nonnative interactions, the updated folding transition states of the homologs Proteins G & L are extensive and similar.
Academic Article Introduction of a polar core into the de novo designed protein Top7.
Academic Article Aromatic claw: A new fold with high aromatic content that evades structural prediction.
Academic Article Perplexing cooperative folding and stability of a low-sequence complexity, polyproline 2 protein lacking a hydrophobic core.
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