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Concept Analysis of Variance
Academic Article Effects of d-amphetamine in grouped versus isolated humans.
Academic Article Naltrexone does not block the subjective effects of oral Delta(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol in humans.
Academic Article Delay or probability discounting in a model of impulsive behavior: effect of alcohol.
Academic Article Lack of effects of acute estradiol on mood in postmenopausal women.
Academic Article Subjective and objective responses to ethanol in moderate/heavy and light social drinkers.
Academic Article Acute effects of d-amphetamine during the early and late follicular phases of the menstrual cycle in women.
Academic Article Individual differences in responses to ethanol and d-amphetamine: a within-subject study.
Academic Article Antiemetic efficacy of smoked marijuana: subjective and behavioral effects on nausea induced by syrup of ipecac.
Academic Article Comparison of the subjective effects of Delta(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol and marijuana in humans.
Academic Article Effects of stress and alcohol on subjective state in humans.
Academic Article Acute administration of d-amphetamine decreases impulsivity in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Effects of acute social stress on alcohol consumption in healthy subjects.
Academic Article Differential subjective effects of D-amphetamine by gender, hormone levels and menstrual cycle phase.
Academic Article Effects of stress on responses to methamphetamine in humans.
Academic Article Personality and gender differences in effects of d-amphetamine on risk taking.
Academic Article Effects of morphine and naltrexone on impulsive decision making in rats.
Academic Article Diazepam preference in males with and without an alcoholic first-degree relative.
Academic Article The prescription opioid, oxycodone, does not alter behavioral measures of impulsivity in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Effects of MDMA on sociability and neural response to social threat and social reward.
Academic Article Incubation of cue-induced cigarette craving during abstinence in human smokers.
Academic Article Effects of low to moderate acute doses of pramipexole on impulsivity and cognition in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Evaluation of genetic variability in the dopamine receptor D2 in relation to behavioral inhibition and impulsivity/sensation seeking: an exploratory study with d-amphetamine in healthy participants.
Academic Article Acute stress increases circulating anandamide and other N-acylethanolamines in healthy humans.
Academic Article Individual differences in the priming effect of ethanol in social drinkers.
Academic Article Acute hydrocortisone administration does not affect subjective responses to d-amphetamine in humans.
Academic Article Biphasic alcohol response differs in heavy versus light drinkers.
Academic Article Contextual conditioning enhances the psychostimulant and incentive properties of d-amphetamine in humans.
Academic Article Oxytocin receptor gene variation predicts subjective responses to MDMA.
Academic Article Virtual reality conditioned place preference using monetary reward.
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