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overview The de Wit laboratory investigates the subjective, behavioral and physiological effects of drugs of abuse in healthy human volunteers. Some studies are designed to identify individual differences and risk factors for excessive use, and others to determine the effects of drugs on mood, psychomotor and cognitive performance, and brain activity. Another major interest is the study of conditioned drug effects, or cues, that influence future drug use.
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Concept Cues
Academic Article Role of abstinence and visual cues on food and smoking craving.
Academic Article Effects of haloperidol on reactions to smoking cues in humans.
Academic Article The reinstatement model of drug relapse: history, methodology and major findings.
Academic Article Effects of d-amphetamine and smoking abstinence on cue-induced cigarette craving.
Academic Article Incubation of cue-induced cigarette craving during abstinence in human smokers.
Academic Article Cue-reactors: individual differences in cue-induced craving after food or smoking abstinence.
Academic Article Conditioned preference to a methamphetamine-associated contextual cue in humans.
Academic Article Acquisition of responses to a methamphetamine-associated cue in healthy humans: self-report, behavioral, and psychophysiological measures.
Academic Article Amphetamine fails to alter cued recollection of emotional images: study of encoding, retrieval, and state-dependency.
Academic Article Acute Effects of Alcohol on Encoding and Consolidation of Memory for Emotional Stimuli.
Academic Article Acquisition of Conditioned Responses to a Novel Alcohol-Paired Cue in Social Drinkers.
Academic Article Extinction of Conditioned Responses to Methamphetamine-Associated Stimuli in Healthy Humans.
Academic Article Acquisition of Conditioning between Methamphetamine and Cues in Healthy Humans.
Academic Article Intranasal oxytocin dampens cue-elicited cigarette craving in daily smokers: a pilot study.
Academic Article MDMA Impairs Both the Encoding and Retrieval of Emotional Recollections.
Academic Article ?9-Tetrahydrocannabinol at Retrieval Drives False Recollection of Neutral and Emotional Memories.
Academic Article Neural responses to cues paired with methamphetamine in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Effects of MDMA on attention to positive social cues and pleasantness of affective touch.
Grant Craving During Smoking Abstinence: Does it Abate or Incubate?
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