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Academic Article Acute effects of estradiol pretreatment on the response to d-amphetamine in women.
Academic Article Personality and the subjective effects of acute amphetamine in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Ethanol self-administration in males with and without an alcoholic first-degree relative.
Academic Article Effects of MDMA on sociability and neural response to social threat and social reward.
Academic Article Negative emotionality: monoamine oxidase B gene variants modulate personality traits in healthy humans.
Academic Article Is ecstasy an "empathogen"? Effects of ±3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine on prosocial feelings and identification of emotional states in others.
Academic Article Effects of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol on evaluation of emotional images.
Academic Article Cardiovascular, hormonal, and emotional responses to the TSST in relation to sex and menstrual cycle phase.
Academic Article Assessing pentobarbital preference in normal volunteers using a cumulative dosing procedure.
Academic Article Cannabinoid modulation of subgenual anterior cingulate cortex activation during experience of negative affect.
Academic Article The effects of acute haloperidol or risperidone on subjective responses to methamphetamine in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Effects of amphetamine on reactivity to emotional stimuli.
Academic Article Pre-encoding administration of amphetamine or THC preferentially modulates emotional memory in humans.
Academic Article Personality traits modulate emotional and physiological responses to stress.
Academic Article MDMA: a social drug in a social context.
Academic Article Acquisition of responses to a methamphetamine-associated cue in healthy humans: self-report, behavioral, and psychophysiological measures.
Academic Article Amphetamine increases errors during episodic memory retrieval.
Academic Article Amphetamine fails to alter cued recollection of emotional images: study of encoding, retrieval, and state-dependency.
Academic Article MDMA alters emotional processing and facilitates positive social interaction.
Academic Article 'Ecstasy' as a social drug: MDMA preferentially affects responses to emotional stimuli with social content.
Academic Article Effects of acute methamphetamine on emotional memory formation in humans: encoding vs consolidation.
Academic Article Effects of MDMA and Intranasal oxytocin on social and emotional processing.
Academic Article Effects of oxycodone on brain responses to emotional images.
Academic Article Intimate insight: MDMA changes how people talk about significant others.
Academic Article Prosocial effects of MDMA: A measure of generosity.
Academic Article Drug effects on responses to emotional facial expressions: recent findings.
Academic Article Effects of buprenorphine on responses to social stimuli in healthy adults.
Academic Article Emotional traits predict individual differences in amphetamine-induced positive mood in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Acute Effects of Alcohol on Encoding and Consolidation of Memory for Emotional Stimuli.
Academic Article Effects of d-amphetamine upon psychosocial stress responses.
Academic Article Extinction of Conditioned Responses to Methamphetamine-Associated Stimuli in Healthy Humans.
Academic Article Naltrexone alters the processing of social and emotional stimuli in healthy adults.
Academic Article The effects of MDMA on socio-emotional processing: Does MDMA differ from other stimulants?
Academic Article Dose-related effects of delta-9-THC on emotional responses to acute psychosocial stress.
Academic Article MDMA Impairs Both the Encoding and Retrieval of Emotional Recollections.
Academic Article ?9-Tetrahydrocannabinol at Retrieval Drives False Recollection of Neutral and Emotional Memories.
Academic Article Effects of Buprenorphine on Responses to Emotional Stimuli in Individuals with a Range of Mood Symptomatology.
Academic Article Effects of methamphetamine on neural responses to visual stimuli.
Academic Article MDMA enhances pleasantness of affective touch.
Academic Article Stability of acute responses to drugs in humans across repeated testing: Findings with alcohol and amphetamine.
Academic Article Neural activation during anticipation of monetary gain or loss does not associate with positive subjective response to alcohol in binge drinkers.
Academic Article Effects of Acute Drug Administration on Emotion: A Review of Pharmacological MRI Studies.
Academic Article Does ±3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (ecstasy) induce subjective feelings of social connection in humans? A multilevel meta-analysis.
Academic Article Place conditioning in humans: opportunities for translational research.
Grant Is Ecstasy an Empathogen? Effects of MDMA on Social and Emotional Processing
Academic Article The acute effects of psychoactive drugs on emotional episodic memory encoding, consolidation, and retrieval: A comprehensive review.
Academic Article Drug-induced social connection: both MDMA and methamphetamine increase feelings of connectedness during controlled dyadic conversations.
Academic Article Lack of effect of methamphetamine on reward-related brain activity in healthy adults.
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