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Academic Article Naltrexone does not block the subjective effects of oral Delta(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol in humans.
Academic Article Effects of expectancies on subjective responses to oral delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol.
Academic Article Subjective and behavioral effects of repeated d-amphetamine in humans.
Academic Article Individual differences in responses to ethanol and d-amphetamine: a within-subject study.
Academic Article Effects of THC on behavioral measures of impulsivity in humans.
Academic Article Mecamylamine attenuates the subjective stimulant-like effects of alcohol in social drinkers.
Academic Article Effects of haloperidol on reactions to smoking cues in humans.
Academic Article Effects of stress on responses to methamphetamine in humans.
Academic Article Does stress reactivity or response to amphetamine predict smoking progression in young adults? A preliminary study.
Academic Article Effects of MDMA on sociability and neural response to social threat and social reward.
Academic Article Effects of acute progesterone administration upon responses to acute psychosocial stress in men.
Academic Article Mecamylamine and ethanol preference in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Bidirectional interactions between acute psychosocial stress and acute intravenous alcohol in healthy men.
Academic Article Effects of nicotine on attention and inhibitory control in healthy nonsmokers.
Academic Article Hormonal, cardiovascular, and subjective responses to acute stress in smokers.
Academic Article Evaluation of the abuse potential of pagoclone, a partial GABAA agonist.
Academic Article Acute stress increases circulating anandamide and other N-acylethanolamines in healthy humans.
Academic Article Subjective, behavioral, and physiologic responses to intravenous dezocine in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Effect of social stress during acute nicotine abstinence.
Academic Article Acute tolerance to subjective but not cardiovascular effects of d-amphetamine in normal, healthy men.
Academic Article Psychopharmacology of theobromine in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Personality traits modulate emotional and physiological responses to stress.
Academic Article MDMA: a social drug in a social context.
Academic Article Acquisition of responses to a methamphetamine-associated cue in healthy humans: self-report, behavioral, and psychophysiological measures.
Academic Article Effects of acute doses of prosocial drugs methamphetamine and alcohol on plasma oxytocin levels.
Academic Article MDMA alters emotional processing and facilitates positive social interaction.
Academic Article Effects of MDMA and Intranasal oxytocin on social and emotional processing.
Academic Article MDMA effects consistent across laboratories.
Academic Article Individual differences in timing of peak positive subjective responses to d-amphetamine: Relationship to pharmacokinetics and physiology.
Academic Article Acquisition of Conditioning between Methamphetamine and Cues in Healthy Humans.
Academic Article Naltrexone alters the processing of social and emotional stimuli in healthy adults.
Academic Article MDMA does not alter responses to the Trier Social Stress Test in humans.
Academic Article Effects of Intranasal Oxytocin on Stress-Induced Cigarette Craving in Daily Smokers.
Academic Article Effects of opioid- and non-opioid analgesics on responses to psychosocial stress in humans.
Academic Article Intranasal Oxytocin Does Not Modulate Responses to Alcohol in Social Drinkers.
Academic Article Neural responses to cues paired with methamphetamine in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Subjective Effects of Alcohol Predict Alcohol Choice in Social Drinkers.
Academic Article Subjective responses predict d-amphetamine choice in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Acute effects of oral delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) on autonomic cardiac activity and their relation to subjective and anxiogenic effects.
Academic Article Effects of alcohol on sleep and nocturnal heart rate: Relationships to intoxication and morning-after effects.
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