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Academic Article Acute effects of triazolam in women: relationships with progesterone, estradiol and allopregnanolone.
Academic Article Delay or probability discounting in a model of impulsive behavior: effect of alcohol.
Academic Article Effects of THC on behavioral measures of impulsivity in humans.
Academic Article Association between A2a receptor gene polymorphisms and caffeine-induced anxiety.
Academic Article The reinstatement model of drug relapse: history, methodology and major findings.
Academic Article Effects of stress on responses to methamphetamine in humans.
Academic Article Nucleus accumbens lesions decrease sensitivity to rapid changes in the delay to reinforcement.
Academic Article Preference for immediate over delayed rewards is associated with magnitude of ventral striatal activity.
Academic Article The prescription opioid, oxycodone, does not alter behavioral measures of impulsivity in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Effects of acute progesterone administration upon responses to acute psychosocial stress in men.
Academic Article Incubation of cue-induced cigarette craving during abstinence in human smokers.
Academic Article Test-retest characteristics of the Balloon Analogue Risk Task (BART).
Academic Article Hormonal, cardiovascular, and subjective responses to acute stress in smokers.
Academic Article Acute stress increases circulating anandamide and other N-acylethanolamines in healthy humans.
Academic Article Acquisition of responses to a methamphetamine-associated cue in healthy humans: self-report, behavioral, and psychophysiological measures.
Academic Article Amphetamine increases errors during episodic memory retrieval.
Academic Article Amphetamine fails to alter cued recollection of emotional images: study of encoding, retrieval, and state-dependency.
Academic Article Effects of MDMA and Intranasal oxytocin on social and emotional processing.

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