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Concept Genomics
Academic Article Plant genomics: the third wave.
Academic Article Using DNA microarrays to study natural variation.
Academic Article Global analysis of genetic, epigenetic and transcriptional polymorphisms in Arabidopsis thaliana using whole genome tiling arrays.
Academic Article Widespread interspecific divergence in cis-regulation of transposable elements in the Arabidopsis genus.
Academic Article The impact of genomics on the study of natural variation in Arabidopsis.
Academic Article Genomics tools for QTL analysis and gene discovery.
Academic Article The next generation of microarray research: applications in evolutionary and ecological genomics.
Academic Article TraitCapture: genomic and environment modelling of plant phenomic data.
Academic Article Genomic variation across landscapes: insights and applications.
Academic Article Genomic diversity guides conservation strategies among rare terrestrial orchid species when taxonomy remains uncertain.
Academic Article kWIP: The k-mer weighted inner product, a de novo estimator of genetic similarity.
Academic Article Adaptation genomics: The angel is in the details.
Academic Article Landscape drivers of genomic diversity and divergence in woodland Eucalyptus.
Academic Article Genomic evidence of introgression and adaptation in a model subtropical tree species, Eucalyptus grandis.
Academic Article Spatial, climate and ploidy factors drive genomic diversity and resilience in the widespread grass Themeda triandra.
Academic Article Utilizing genomics to understand and respond to global climate change.
Academic Article Genomic consequences of artificial selection during early domestication of a wood fibre crop.
Academic Article Cost-conscious generation of multiplexed short-read DNA libraries for whole-genome sequencing.
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