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Academic Article Large-scale identification of single-feature polymorphisms in complex genomes.
Academic Article Rapid array mapping of circadian clock and developmental mutations in Arabidopsis.
Academic Article Genotyping and mapping with high-density oligonucleotide arrays.
Academic Article Genome-wide association study of 107 phenotypes in Arabidopsis thaliana inbred lines.
Academic Article Redundancy in genotyping arrays.
Academic Article Analysis and visualization of Arabidopsis thaliana GWAS using web 2.0 technologies.
Academic Article Genome-wide patterns of genetic variation in worldwide Arabidopsis thaliana accessions from the RegMap panel.
Academic Article Genetic architecture of regulatory variation in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Academic Article Genome-wide association studies in plants: the missing heritability is in the field.
Academic Article QTL mapping in new Arabidopsis thaliana advanced intercross-recombinant inbred lines.
Academic Article Source verification of mis-identified Arabidopsis thaliana accessions.
Academic Article Examining the efficacy of a genotyping-by-sequencing technique for population genetic analysis of the mushroom Laccaria bicolor and evaluating whether a reference genome is necessary to assess homology.
Academic Article Gene flow between nascent species: geographic, genotypic and phenotypic differentiation within and between Aquilegia formosa and A. pubescens.
Academic Article Population genomic variation reveals roles of history, adaptation and ploidy in switchgrass.
Academic Article Population and phylogenomic decomposition via genotyping-by-sequencing in Australian Pelargonium.
Academic Article Development of the first consensus genetic map of intermediate wheatgrass (Thinopyrum intermedium) using genotyping-by-sequencing.
Academic Article Genomic diversity guides conservation strategies among rare terrestrial orchid species when taxonomy remains uncertain.
Academic Article Isolation by distance and isolation by environment contribute to population differentiation in Protea repens (Proteaceae L.), a widespread South African species.
Academic Article Deep phenotyping: deep learning for temporal phenotype/genotype classification.
Academic Article Extending the Genotype in Brachypodium by Including DNA Methylation Reveals a Joint Contribution with Genetics on Adaptive Traits.
Academic Article Exploring the role of polymorphic interspecies structural variants in reproductive isolation and adaptive divergence in Eucalyptus.
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