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Academic Article Dynamic contrast measurements in rodent model tumors.
Academic Article In vivo imaging of extraction fraction of low molecular weight MR contrast agents and perfusion rate in rodent tumors.
Academic Article Differentiation of nonmetastatic and metastatic rodent prostate tumors with high spectral and spatial resolution MRI.
Academic Article MRI measurements correctly predict the relative effects of tumor oxygenating agents on hypoxic fraction in rodent BA1112 tumors.
Academic Article Multi-slice DCE-MRI data using P760 distinguishes between metastatic and non-metastatic rodent prostate tumors.
Academic Article MRI of perfluorocarbon emulsion kinetics in rodent mammary tumours.
Academic Article New model for analysis of dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI data distinguishes metastatic from nonmetastatic transplanted rodent prostate tumors.
Academic Article Can DCEMRI assess the effect of green tea on the angiogenic properties of rodent prostate tumors?
Academic Article Effects of hyperoxia on T2* and resonance frequency weighted magnetic resonance images of rodent tumours.
Academic Article Magnetic resonance imaging of rodent tumors using radiofrequency gradient echoes.
Academic Article Spectrally inhomogeneous BOLD contrast changes detected in rodent tumors with high spectral and spatial resolution MRI.
Academic Article MRI of neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis in a rodent model.

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